Saturday, 5 July 2008

Soulwax remix news!

Myspace - Soulwax

Stephen Dewaele and Steve Slingeneyer have revealed in a recent radio interview for Belgium festival Rock Wechter (for all you Belgium speaking it interview here they have given MGMT the Soulwax treatment and remixed "Kids". Neither MGMT or the label have actually heard the track yet...but Im sure they will be thinking the same thing as me. If Soulwax has remixed it...its gonna be massive!
They also let slip they are remixing a Chemical Brothers track...but its still very much a work in progress.

And...better that that never...happy 38th birthday Stephen :D


Three great videos of Soulwax in action, which was recorded at a gig in Munich on the 21/04/2008. You
can watch them over at mobile sessions, which is run by Sony Ericsson.

I tried to download them, but cant find the you will need to click on videos > then goto page two.


joey said...

u can use the "orbit" downloader. its free. orbit has a tool, called "GRAB++" ... i have the soulwaxvideos - die big flvs downloaded with GRAB++

btw: your site is phantastic! big respect!

------------------------------------------------- said...

Awesome, thanks for making me aware of such a niffty bit of software...time to go soulwax mental and download them all :D

Also, I appreciate you taking time to make a contribution...makes the site look a little less empty!