Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Thomas Bangalter - Live @ WE Club (Chicago - USA)(09-10-1999)

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Found this oldie...thought I would post it up...

Thomas Bangalter - Live @ WE Club (Chicago - USA)(09-10-1999)


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Anonymous said...

It wasn't at the We club, lol. The party was called We and it was held at the Dolton Expo Center in Chicago. It was the best $10 party I ever went to. : )

Anonymous said...

Is there a tracklist for this???

Nick Riz said...

Thank you so much for this!!! I attended this party as well, and yes, it was at Dolton.Listening to this just takes me back to being a carefree 19 yr old....SHIT WAS POPPIN.As I recall, he threw down on 3 decks as well.

Anonymous said...


thats the tracklist

Patch said...

Thomas actually took this flyer out of his jacket and gave it to me in front of the Virgin Megastore in Chicago... I still have it, and the autograph he gave me, hanging over my bed. Maybe the best party I've ever been to and that autograph is my most prized possession. I'm glad to see the set is still making the rounds on the internet :)