Thursday, 31 July 2008

New Stereoheroes - WHOOOOOOOOOOO

Myspace - Stereoheroes

About every week I look for anything thats new from these guys...I seriously love their music. I still listen to their mixes that i posted up a few moths back (download them here). Woke up late today and eventually check stuff sitting there from Stereoheroes...bitchin!


Stereoheroes feat. Teen Wolf - Midnight Sons
Stereoheroes - Black Lama


stereoheroes said...

Thanks for the support ;)
Lot of news are coming !!!
Give us your email if you want it before everyone.

------------------------------------------------- said...

Ha! What are the chances...both yourself and Teen Wolf stopped by! Thanks for taking time to say hello!

You must make more mixes haha...the "Kill The Radio" set is cds keep getting worn out :)

Regarding the new stuff...that would be freaking awesome! Nice one!

stereoheroes said...

ahah both teen wolf and us check google to see how the new track is doing I think ;)

mr_regular_joe said...

The mighty google actually brought you to my little blog. Its usually the big boys that are near the top!

I will be looking out for the new stuff up on your myspace haha!

Take it easy!