Thursday, 31 July 2008

New music - Polymorphic

Myspace - Polymorphic

Thanks to the good people over the the EA forums for point me in this guys direction. Hailing from mother Russia and friends with that other chap from that neck of the woods...The Proxy.
Pop on over to his myspace and check out his seems hanging with The Proxy has rubbed off...very bass heavy! Tracks include Polymorphic's take on The Proxy - Destroy...along with some of his own productions. Liking the his latest track upped the the player "Want to be my russian Girl"...nothing to do with the hottie in the pic...honest.

Also, it seems Polymorphic is remixing another one of The Proxy's tracks...Raven! To keep you going, here is a video of Les Petits Pilous playing their remix of Raven (Thanks to gerbenlouw

Les Petits Pilous - Mythic party (28-06-2008 )

New Stereoheroes - WHOOOOOOOOOOO

Myspace - Stereoheroes

About every week I look for anything thats new from these guys...I seriously love their music. I still listen to their mixes that i posted up a few moths back (download them here). Woke up late today and eventually check stuff sitting there from Stereoheroes...bitchin!


Stereoheroes feat. Teen Wolf - Midnight Sons
Stereoheroes - Black Lama

Crookers - Istola E.P.

Myspace - Crookers
Myspace - Diplo
Myspace - Mad Decent

In conjunction with the release of their new EP Istola on Diplo's Mad Decent, they have a brand spanking new podcast for download. Here is a short description from Phra;

Sooooooo, i was on holiday but got to write sum for mad decent...
they will release our ep "il buono , il brutto e il cattivo" really buono is diplo, il brutto is me (phra) and il cattivo is bot when in studio with his mastering outboards....this mix i did in the train from stresa to bern is full of what we like right now...sum diplo ,boy 8-bit, dtl, busta rhymes (bangggggalalaladaaaaash)... stuff... we was bouncin in the train (bot got to stop his movie to listen the mix :))))))
but "dai" cmon listen the mix and don't ask me to speak english...i'm baaaaaaaaaad
ciao to all...tnx to all
kiss to to allcrookers bring it on this mix! some of my favorite shit right now!


crookers E.P.istola EP available now on mad decent!!

Right click, Save as:
Mad Decent - Worldwide Radio #32 - Crookers

Crookers - Big Money Coming
Bart B More - Bingo Players (Diplo Remix)
Mia - XR2 (Boy 8-Bit Edit)
Boy 8-Bit - The Suspense Is Killing Me (DTL Remix)
Crookers - Il Buono
Duke Dumont - Hoy
Cobra Krames - Whatever She Said
Busta Rhymes - I Got Bass
Benga 26 Basslines
Rusko - Hammertime
DJ Q - You Wot (WIde Boys Mix)
Outthere Brothers - Enjoy (Crookers "Work In Progress" Mix)
Alphabeat - Boyfriend (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
Madera Limpia - Loco (Daniel Haaksan Remix)

Plus, with the vinyl coming soon (retail in less than 2 weeks)...they have a special treat to promote the release

Right click, Save as:
Crookers - Il Cattivo (Plus Thunder)

Will get links to swooosh up soon...

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Romulus and Remus

Myspace - Romulus and Remus
Myspace - Trashbags

Up next is some fresh music from down under. Romulus and Remus are part of the Trashbag family who have supported the likes of Boys Noize Records very own Shadow Dancer and Les Petits Pilous. They now have been busy making tracks of their own.

When they sent over tracks to southsidediscotech, they included an email describing their sound;

"...its like KillTheNoise/MSTRKRFT/The 12's/GRUM/LeCastleVania all chopped up, fried, mixed with eggs and pepper and made into a spicy electic omlette.”

Romulus and Remus - RAR

Romulus and Remus - 5min teaser mix

Thomas Bangalter - Live @ WE Club (Chicago - USA)(09-10-1999)

Myspace - Daft Punk

Found this oldie...thought I would post it up...

Thomas Bangalter - Live @ WE Club (Chicago - USA)(09-10-1999)


Right click, save as:

Monday, 28 July 2008

Guns N Bombs - New mixtapes...

Myspace - Guns N Bombs

Guns N Bombs have two new mixes up on their myspace. The first mix "Live at the Apollo" follows their mixtape theme with tracks from Fake Blood, Nic Sarno, The Proxy, Congorock and more! The second mix, "Disco Night at the Big Horse" is exactly what it says on the tin...more Disco orientated mix from the guys!

Guns N Bombs Live At The Apollo Mix / Mixtape 4 (24-06-2008)
Right Click, Save as:
01 - curses! - this is the way (drop the lime remix)
02 - armand van helden - je t'aime (riva starr acid 80 mix)
03 - destroy disco - fly or bounce
04 - fake blood - fake blood theme (re-edit)
05 - scottie b - niggaz fighting
06 - outlander - the vamp
07 - the teenagers - homecoming (gnb 1996 xtc rave remix)
08 - klaxons - atlantis to interzone (destroy disco remix)
09 - passions! - get hype
10 - nic sarno - hot jack (congorock remix)
11 - proxy - dance in the dark
12 - dj kue - lovers break
13 - the phantoms revenge - burn da red dog
14 - congorock - exodus
15 - jokers of the scene - baggy bottom boys
16 - the loungin kollective - riddim come 4ward (herve's fire pon dem remix)

17 -
robyn - whos that girl (drop the lime remix)
18 - plastikman - spastik

Disco Night at the Big Horse (26-07-2008)
Right Click, Save As:

I will get up links to swooosh later...

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Hostage - Summer Holiday Mix 2008

Myspace - Hostage

More new stuff for Hostage...down-sampled to 128kbps and only able to "stream" the mix. Alan has said he is waiting to hear back from people regarding their promo's on the mix...otherwise he would have made it better quality. I will let you know if a new better quality copy becomes available.

A bit different to my last mix - we start off some pretty dark and rollin gear, into some bangin' jackin' electro stuff moving into some modern rave.
Lemme know what yiz reckon to this kinda gear....
Alan of the Hostage

Hostage - Summer Holiday Mix 2008
01 - Volatile - Faces of War
02 - Fil OK - Bitch Disco (Lars Moston and Duncan Whiteley Remix)
03 - Hostage - Sloth
04 - Jupiters Heroes - Melvin Never Made It (Hostage
05 - Wolfgang Gartner - Bounce
06 - The Japanese Popstars - Rise of Ulysses (Hostage
07 - Crookers & Boy 8-Bit - The Crow (Malente Re-Edit)
08 - Hostage - Sorry
09 - DJ Kue - Don't Get High (Breakdown
10 - Tommie Sunshine - Limit of Your Mind (Hostage
11 - Jokers Of The Scene - Baggy Bottom Boys
12 - Mstrkrft - Bounce (Felix Cartal
13 - Hostage - Hoot
14 - Larry Tee - I Love U (Killer On The Dancefloor Baile
15 - Acen - Trip II the Moon (Hostage's

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Bugo - La Mano Mia (Cecile and Bloody Beetroots Remix

Myspace - Bob Rifo
Myspace - The Bloody Beetroots
Myspace - Cécile

The first time I heard of
Cécile was via Asianmandans blog (you can read the article here). He is yet another DJ/producer coming from the wave of Italian talent that seems to be have burst onto the scene, check out his myspace player for some of his work. He seems to have got off to a good start, collaberating with the unstoppable Beetroots! Niiiiice!

Bugo - La Mano Mia (Cecile and The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

Kris Menace & Fred Falke - Essential Mix (26-07-2008)

Myspace - Kris Menace

Kris Menace - Essential Mix 26-07-2008
Music Cargo - ‘Ich Geh Den Weg’ (CDR)
Badly Drawn Boy - ‘Promises’ (EMI)
Wagon Cooking - ‘Mallorca (Sasse Remix Edit)’ (Compost)
House Less - ‘Traibar’ (CDR)
Chicken Lips - ‘He’s Not In (Edit)’ (Azui)
Man Parrish - ‘Hip Hop Be Bop (Lewis Dene Remix)’ (CDR)
Playgroup - ‘Number One (Blackstrobe Remix)’ (Playgroup)
Acid Phase vs Stekker Humanoid - ‘Feadz Rmx (Edit)’ (CDR)
Attention Deficit - ‘What (Edit)’ (Coldharbour Recordings)
Dexter - ‘Acid Lullaby’ (Cocoon) vs Attention Deficit - ‘What (Edit)’ (Coldharbour Recordings)
Emmanuel Top - ‘Stress (Edit)’ (Attack Records) vs LFO - ‘LFO (KM Edit)’ (Warp)
Adam Freeland - ‘Hate’ (Marine Parade)
Duoteque - ‘Adyra (Edit)’ (Boxer Recordings)
Munk ft Asia Argento - ‘Die Old Live Young (Edit)’ (Gomma Records)
Congress - ‘Better Grooves (KM Remix)’ (Inner Rhythm)
Hard-Fi - ‘Suburban Knights (Remix)’ (Necessary)
Spooky & Kris Menace - ‘Stereophonic’ (Compuphinc)
Lifelike & Kris Menace - ‘Discopolis (Edit)’ (Defected)
The Clash - ‘Rock Da Casbar (KM Edit)’ (CDR)
Eurofunk - ‘Manshortage (KM Edit)’ (Pantera Records)
Principles Of Geometry starring Sebastien Tellier - ‘A Mountain For President (Joakim Remix)’ (Tigersushi)
Lucy - ‘Downstairs’ (Meerestief Limited)
Soccio - ‘Remember (Santiagos Edit)’ (Atlantic) Vs Kraftwerk - ‘Robots (Edit)’ (Capitol Records)
Still Going - ‘Still Going (Edit)’ (DFA)
Aphex Twin - ‘Window Licker (Edit)’ (Warp)
Crystal Castles - ‘Air War (CFCF Remix)’ (Trouble Records)
Charlie Fanclub ‘Jet (Edit)’ (Work It Baby)
Stardust - ‘Music Sounds Better (Alan Braxe & Kris Menace Remix)’ (Roule)

Myspace - Fred Falke

Fred Falke - Essential Mix 26-07-2008
Pink Floyd - ‘Time’ (Harvest)
Georgio Moroder - ‘From Here To Eternity’ (Casablanca Records)
Police - ‘Synchronicity (Edit)’ (A&M Records)
Ladyhawke - ‘Back Of The Van (Fred Falke Beverly Ultimate Remix)’ (Modular)
Lykke Li - ‘I’m Good, I’m Gone (Fred Falke Remix)’ (Warner Music)
Whitest Boy Alive ‘Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)’ (Modular)
Roxy Music ‘Don’t Stop The Dance (Edit)’ (Virgin)
Kris Menace & Fred Falke ‘Fairlight’ (Compuphonic)
The Energies ‘Born Again Runner (Fred Falke Remix)’ (Hypertelic)
Pnau Ft Ladyhawke ‘Embrace (Fred Falke & Miami Horror Remix)’ (Modular)
Armand Van Helden ‘Funk Phenomena’ (Henry Street)
Fred Falke ‘Last Wave’ (Work It Baby)
Fred Falke ‘Sanctuary’ (Work It Baby)
Fred Falke ‘Ampkiller’ (Work It Baby)
Metallica ‘Blackened (Edit)’ (Universal)
Nerd ‘Everyone Nose’ (Interscope)

Friday, 25 July 2008

Busy P & Feadz @ 10 Days Off (21-07-2008)

Myspace - Busy P
Myspace - Feadz
10 Days Off - Official Website

Busy P - Live at 10 Days Off Belgium 21/07/2008

Feadz - Live at 10 Days Off Belgium 21/07/2008

The Warehouse Project 2008

The Warehouse Project 2008

So the lineups have finally been announced, missing the French robots...but still looking damn good. Fancy going to a few of these, the following are are most likely...

Saturday 8th November - The Chibuku Party
Justice, DJ Medhi, Busy P, So Me, Ivan Smagghe, Optimo Espacio, The Presets, Fake Blood, Yuksek

Saturday 29th November - Erol & Friends
Erol Alkan, Hercules & Love Affair, Special Guest, Switch, Brodinski

Friday 19th December
Boys Noize, Modeselektor, MANDY (and a few others)

Will need to get tickets purchased...a
nyhoo, a little about the Warehouse Project (lineups so far are bellow);

Just as it was three years ago when we opened those gates to Boddingtons, The Warehouse Project remains a big experiment. One that continues to evolve quite naturally… We never really know exactly how its going to turn out and there is nothing that has gone before that does it quite like this. For sure, its going to be another crazy three months in Manchester, with over 60,000 people flocking from around the country to attend these parties.

Season 3 of The Warehouse Project sees us return to Store Street for the final time. With plans for a new hotel and apartment block next door to the site, we will be unable to use this space in 2009. Who knows where the next part of the story will take us… we’ve come to realise that in a way we just need to put it in the hands of fate.

Over the page the parties are revealed. The programme for this years series is, we think, the best yet. Its has been gradually pieced together since last October. This year there will be a second more intimate room of music, which has allowed us to go even deeper with the line-ups, putting on some really underground breaking talent in addition to the huge main room action you are used to. The preparation for the annual series has become a genuine labour of love for all involved - now everything is set its time to get moving… Welcome to The Warehouse.

“For twelve weeks this city is ours…”


Friday 26th September
Launch weekend - Part 1
21:30 - 05:00
Paul Woolford
Tini [ Desolat ]
Greg lord / Andro
£17.50 Advance

Saturday 27th September
The Launch Weekend Part 2
21:30 - 05:00
Basement Jaxx [ DJ Set ]
Duke Dumont
Disco Bloodbath
Greg Lord
£17.50 Advance

Friday 3rd October
10 Years of Valve Soundsystem
21:30 - 05:00
DJ Marky
Lemon D & Dillinja
Chase & Status [ Live ] featuring Plan B
N-Type & Hatcha
Dexter [ The Avalanches ]
Plus very special live guest...
Raekwon [ Wu Tang Clan ]
Prophecy & Mark OD
Coki [ DMZ ]
secret DJ guests announced on the night
In Association with BBC 1Xtra
£15.00* Advance

Saturday 4th October
Eat Your Own Ears Presents...
20:30 - 05:00
Reverend & The Makers [ Live ]
Tricky [ Live ]
The Whip [ Live ]
Late Of The Pier [ Live ]
Simian Mobile Disco [ DJ Set ]
Four Tet [ DJ Set ]
Max Tundra
Eat Your Own Ears DJ's
Will [ Tramp ]
"The Official In The City Launch Party"
£17.50* Advance

Friday 10th October
The Essential Mix Party
21:30 - 05:00
Pete Tong
Deadmau5 [ Live ]
Steve Angello
Danny Howells Presents...
Dig Deeper
Live on BBC Radio 1
£15.00* Advance

Saturday 11th October
The Ape 3rd Birthday
21:30 - 05:00
Roots Manuva [ Full Live Show ]
Skream & Benga Present...
Magnetic Man [ Live ]
The Bug [ Live ]
High Contrast
Shy FX
Krafty Kuts
Marcus Intalex
Alix Perez
Virus Syndicate
Boxcutter [ Live ]
Rich Reason & Ken Evil
MC's: Tonn Piper & Mad Rush
In association with 1Xtra
£15.00 Advance

Friday 17th October
Minus Presents...
21.30 - TBA
Richie Hawtin
Gaiser [ Live ]
+ many more TBA...
Line-up under construction
£17.50* Advance

Saturday 18th October
Live at The Warehouse Project
21:00 - 05:00
Dizzee Rascal [ Live ]
Plastic Little [ Live ]
Riz MC [ Live ]
Riot Jazz [ Live ]
Gilles Peterson
Daddy G [ Massive Attack ]
Andy Peek
Darren Laws
Sketch City
Rich Reason
Ken Evil
Hosted by Tonn Piper
£17.50 Advance

Friday 24th October
Subliminal Sessions
21:00 - 05:00
Erick Morillo
+ Many More TBA
£17.50* Advance
Click here to Buy Tickets / Event Profile

Saturday 25th October
Annie Mac Presents...
21:00 - 05:00
Black Kids [ Live ]
Annie Mac
Toddla T
Drop The Lime
£15.00* Advance
Click here to Buy Tickets / Event Profile

Friday 31st October
Show TBA
21:00 - 04:00
Line up TBA
£20.00 Advance

Saturday 1st November
21:30 - 05:00
Jeff Mills
Special Guest TBA
Jamie Jones
Hot Chip [ Jo & Al DJ Set ]
Ame [ Innervisions ]
Dixon [ Innervisions ]
Greg Lord
£17.50 Advance

Friday 7th November
Bestival Re-Union
21:00 - 04:00
De La Soul [ Live ]
Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip [ Live ]
Florence & The Machine [ Live ]
Rob da Bank
Tom Middleton
DJ Kentaro
Rich Reason
+ More
£17.50 Advance

Saturday 8th November
The Chibuku Party
21:30 - 05:00
Justice [ DJ Set ]
DJ Medhi [ Ed Banger ]
Busy P [ Ed Banger ]
So Me [ Ed Banger ]
Ivan Smagghe
Optimo Espacio
The Presets [ Live ]
Fake Blood
£17.50 Advance

Friday 14th November
21:30 - 05:00
Sven Vath
Extrawelt Live
Tobi Neumann
Raresh, Rhadoo & Pedro [ 6 Hour Set ]
[ Ar:Pi:Ar Sound System ]
£17.50 Advance

Saturday 15th November
Goodgreef 8th Birthday
21:30 - 05:00
Eddie Halliwell
Giusseppe Ontavani [ Live ]
John O'Callaghan
Greg Downey
Organ Donors
+ Special Guests TBA
£17.00* Advance

Friday 21st November
Cadenza Records Presents...
21:30 - 05:00
John Digweed
Cadenza Records Presents
Thomas Melchior / Melchior Productions
Alejandro Vivanco
Reboot [ Live ]
In association with Resident Advisor
£17.50 Advance

Saturday 22nd November
Ape Presents... Beatdown
21:30 - 05:00
Jeru The Damaja [ Live ]
Wiley Live
Beardyman - Live
DJ Yoda
Scratch Perverts & Dynamite MC
Flying Lotus & The Gaslamp Killer
Mary Anne-Hobbs [ Radio 1 ]
Caspa & Rusko
Mala [ DMZ ]
Rich Reason & Tonn Piper
£15.00* Advance

Friday 28th November
21:30 - 05:00
Plump DJ's
James Zabiela
Nic Fanciull
Adam Freeland
James Lavelle
Meat Katie
Rich Reason
£15.00 Advance

Saturday 29th November
Erol & Friends
21:30 - 05:00
Erol Alkan
Hercules & Love Affair [ Live ]
Special Guest TBA
Riotous Rockers
Beyond The Wizards Sleeve
[ Erol Alkan & Richard Norris ]
Rub N Tug, Micron, Andro
Line-up under construction
£15.00 Advance

Friday 5th December
The Metropolis Birthday
21:30 - 05:00
Andy C
LTJ Bukem
London Elektricity [ DJ Set ]
Stanton Warriors
C2C Present... Beat Torrent
Mark OD
The Steppahs
MC's: GQ, Conrad, Tonn Piper, Daddy Earl, Magika, ID, Skeez
£15.00 Advance

Saturday 6th December
A Store Street Special
21:30 - 05:00
Eric Prydz
Sander Kleinenberg
Format3 featuring
Timo Maas, Martin Buttrich & Skin
Dusty Kid [ Live ]
£15.00 Advance

Friday 12th December
21:30 - 04:00
Squarepusher [ Full Live Show ]
Luke Vibert
Full line-up under construction
£17.50 Advance

Saturday 13th December
The Warehouse Special
21:30 - 05:00
Very Special guests announced
August 30th at 9am

Simian Mobile Disco - Live
Justin Robertson
Greg Lord
£20.00 Advance

Friday 19th December
21:30 - 04:00
Special Guests TBA
Boys Noize
Modeselektor [ Live ]
Andrew Weatherall
Paranoid London featuring Paris Broutledge
Greg Lord
£17.50 Advance

Saturday 20th December
Swedish House Mafia
21:30 - 04:00
Steve Angello &
Sebastian Ingrosso
Recorded for the Radio 1 Essential Mix
£17.50* Advance

Friday 26th December
We Love... Boxing Day
21:00 - 05:00
Steve Lawler
Mark Knight
Paul Woolford
£15.00 Advance

Saturday 27th December
Show TBA
21:30 - 05:00
Line up TBA

Sunday 28th December
The Hacienda Presents...
20:30 - 02:30
Happy Mondays
[ Live at the Warehouse Project ]
Mike Pickering
Peter Hook [ New Order ]
Jon Dasilva
£28.50 Advance

New Years Eve
At The Warehouse Project
21:30 - 04:00
Line-up TBA
Tickets avaliable now.
£25.00 Advance

New Years Day
The Closing Party Farewell to Store Street.
21:30 - 04:00
Line-up TBA
Tickets avaliable now.
£17.50 Advance

Justice - Dior Homme Spring Summer 09 Fittings Video (Unknown Song

Justice has done an exclusive mix for the new Dior Spring/Summer 09 fashion show in Paris, complete with new track!

Here is the 15m 41sec version (thanks to quik over at Asianmandan for pointing it out)

Justice - Dior Homme Spring Summer 09

You can check out the video here...Dior Homme Spring Summer 09 Fittings Video

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Hostage - Hoot

Myspace - Hostage

Mr Hostage is always good enough to share his tracks for free with the world...he deserves a medal for his work! They are of such high quality productions, its surprising he actually does it!

So, here is his latest track "Hoot"...posted in full 320kbps glory!

Hostage - Hoot

If your liking this, check out the other posts with Hostage tracks and mixes here, here and here!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Soulwax news

Here is a great vid of Erol playing MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Remix) at T in the Park...wish I made more of an effort to go this year.

Thats not all, it seems they have been pretty busy as of late...with an edit (or remix?) of The Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy, Hey Girl. Video of it in action below, taken from the Main Square Festival in Arras.

...loving the 2manydjs sample :)

And since Im posting videos, here is some oldies of 2manydjs from 1999...
David and Stephen Dewaele spinning tunes at the legendary Zillion club. At the time they were still called The Flying Dewaele Brothers, which would evolve into 2 Many DJ's.

Tracklist: (Part 1 of 2)
The Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy, Hey Birl
101 - Rock To The Beat
Basement Jaxx - Rendez-Vu
Deus - Everybody's Weird (Soulwax Remix)

Tracklist: (Part 2 of 2)
Michael Jackson - Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
S'Express - Theme From S'express
Zita Swoon - Disco! (Soulwax Remix)

Some tracks pt 4

New tracks for you to blast out your speakers...the Beastie remixes are brilliant!

Crookers - Il Cattivo

Beastie Boys- Intergalactic (Pink Is Punk Remix)

Farley Jackmaster Funk - Love Cant Turn Around (Boys Noize started like this mix)

BangGangPodcast - Podacst 25 - Flosstradamus Guest Mix

Came across a series of mixes, i have posted the latest one below. For the full list, check out BangGang - Podcast offical website...all posted with tracklists included!

BangGangPodcast - Podacst 25 - Flosstradamus Guest Mix
DJ Khaled - Introduction
DJ DLG - Paramount (Rogerseventytwo)
Rye Rye - Wassup (Crookers)
Bag Raiders - Fun Punch (XXXchange)
Cut Copy - Lights & Music (Boys Noize)
Treasure Fingers - Cross The Dancefloor
Count and Sinden feat. Kid Sister - Beeper (A-trak)
Buy Now - Body Crash (Laidback Luke)
Surkin - White Knight (Blaqstarr)
Puzique - Don't Go
Three Six Mafia feat. Amanda Blank - DIsco Sizzurp (U-Tern & Kutcorners)
Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Bag Raiders)
Midnight Juggernauts - Into The Galaxy
Robert Kelly - Outro
Bonus - Slow Jam

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Boys Noize - Eat It...

Hoovered from over at Onemoredisco...

We’ve got Alex from Boys Noize’s remix of Beat It, simply named; Eat It
Sam @ Onemoredisco

Boys Noize - Eat It

Drunkmix by Bob (Bloody Beetroots) & Phra (Crookers)

Myspace - Bob Rifo
Myspace - Phra
Myspace - The Bloody Beetroots
Myspace - The Crookers

This must of slip past me first time round...originally upped in 28th Dec 2007.

This is the explanation from Phra

"op op op op !
Bob (Bloody Beetroots) & Phra (Crookers)
bim bum bam bem bom bom bom bom bom bom.....
totally drunk....
yooooooooooo! bum"

Drunkmix by Bob (Bloody Beetroots) & Phra (Crookers)
Van Halen - Eruption
Crookers - Purple Lens Game
Don Rimini - Let Me Back Up (Crookers Tetsujin Remix)
Goose - Everybody (The Bloody Beetroots Chipmunk Remix)
Boy 8-Bit - The Suspense Is Killing Me
Goose - Black Gloves (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
Cazals - Life Is Boring (Crookers No Fear To Fly Mix)
Timbaland - Miscommunication (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
Edu K - Audiporno - Choo Choo (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
Crookers - Big Money Comin’
The Bloody Beetroots feat. Congorock - Bluto Fucks Popeye
The Bloody Beetroots - We Are From Venice
Rodion - Electric Soca (Crookers Remix)
The Bloody Beetroots - Ill to Destroy

Monday, 21 July 2008

DJ Falcon...

Myspace - DJ Falcon

Summer has finally arrived where I am, here is some music to go with the nice weather...

DJ Falcon - Live Mix 4

Please note...the next two "together" tracks didnt upload...will re-up them tomorrow!

Together (Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon) - Together

DJ Falcon - Unplugged

Together (Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon) - So Much Love To Give

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Loveparade 2008 (19-07-2008)

Loveparade 2008 (19-07-2008)

Others sets from Loveparade...tracklists are in comments...


Deadmau5 - Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 (19-07-2008)

Myspace - Deadmau5
Official Deadmau5 Website

Deadmau5 - Essential Mix on BB Radio 1 (19-07-2008)
Deadmau5 - Complications (Mau5trap)
Deadmau5 - Sometimes Complicated (Mau5trap)
Deadmau5 - Bye Friend (Mau5trap)
Sydney Blu - Senses Of The Mind
Deadmau5 Vs Jelo The Reward Is More Cheese (Summer Festival 08 Version) (Rising Trax)
Deadmau5 - Hi Friend (Mau5trap)
BSOD – Milton (White Label)
Supermayer - 2 Of Us (Deadmau5 Edit) (Kompakt)
Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink (Deadmau5 Edit) (Border Community)
Matt Rock - What You Feel (Deadmau5 Remix) (Hardplace)
Deadmau5 - Desynchronised (Mau5trap)
John Dahlback - Pyramid (Original) (Cr2)
Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin (Piano Version) (Mau5trap)
Deadmau5 - Faxing Berlin (Mau5trap) + Morgan Page - The Longest Road (Accapella) (Netwerk)
Deadmau5 & Kaskade - I Remember (Mau5trap)
Deadmau5 - Arguru (Songbird/Blackhole)
Deadmai5 - Alone With You (Mau5trap)
Deadmau5 - Brazil (Second Edit) (Mau5trap)
Deadmau5 - Clockwork (Songbird/Blackhole)
Deadmau5 – Jaded (Mau5trap)


Mirror 1

Mirror 2

Friday, 18 July 2008

Some tracks...

The Bloody Beetroots - YEYO

Sono - Always Something Missing (D.I.M. Remix)

Kid Alex - My Way (Boys Noize Remix)

Data Transmission - Podcast005 - Hey Today

Myspace - Hey Today
Official Website - Data Transmission

DTPodcast005 : Hey Today!
These two filthy Germans released Tank Girl under the name Trashtalk on Craft Music back in 2006, which received support from the likes of Tomcraft, Marco Bailey, Digitalism and Meat Katie, and now they're back under the name Hey Today!. Their raucous, hard-stomping, wonderfully OTT track Walk Right Through recently dropped on Kitsune, with a remix of Digitalism's Pogo also doing wonders on Virgin.

What’s your personal favourite track on it?
We love all tracks!

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

What’s the best gig you’ve played recently?
Übel & Gefährlich” with DIGITALISM in Hamburg/Germany.

What have you got coming up?
If I Was Wonderman which was on the Digitalism mix CD Tabloid released on Kitsune will be released soon on Bang Gang Rec. Australia

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?


Datatransmission - Podcast Episode 005 : Hey Today
01 - Hey Today! – If I Was Wonderman
02 - SebastiAn – Untitled
03 - Late Of The Pier – The Bears Are Coming (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Reanimation)
04 - Munk – Live Fast! Die Old! (Maral Salmassi & Zero Cash Remix)
05 - Siriusmo – Diskozinzin
06 - Beni – My Love Needs You
07 - Daft Punk – Technologic (Hey Today! Edit)
08 - Hystereo – City Speak
09 - Marshall Jefferson – Video Clash
10 - Zero Cash – Make Up
11 - Hercules & Love Affair – You Belong (Riton Remix)
12 - Hey Today! – Walk Through
13 - Spiller – El Baile Mario
14 - So Me – Decalcomania
15 - Boys Noize – Vergiftet
16 - Deadbots – Pussah
17 - Outlander – The Vamp
18 - Digitalism – Pogo (Hey Today! Remix)

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Radiohead - House Of Cards (Video)

Myspace - Radiohead

Not sure if you have seen the video for Radioheads new single, House of Cards...but I aint seen anything quite like it! As strange as it sounds, its filmed without the use of cameras or conventional lighting.

Here comes the science bit...

No cameras or lights were used. Instead two technologies were used to capture 3D images: Geometric Informatics and Velodyne LIDAR. Geometric Informatics scanning systems produce structured light to capture 3D images at close proximity, while a Velodyne Lidar system that uses multiple lasers is used to capture large environments such as landscapes. In this video, 64 lasers rotating and shooting in a 360 degree radius 900 times per minute produced all the exterior scenes.

Radiohead have decided to make the data "open source". So if you are ever in a Spielberg
kinda can produce your own version of the video!

Explore data visualization through a 3D viewer and use your mouse to further manipulate the data and create your own visualizations.

Download the data and instructions on how to create your own visualizations
If you manage to create a data visualization that you'd wish to share, the band would love to see it. You can share your videos on the House of Cards YouTube group.

Surkin - Chrome Knight feat. Chromeo

Myspace - Surkin

Seems this is Surkins next release, with Canada's Chromeo adding the vocals to White Knight...

Surkin - Chrome Knight feat. Chromeo

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Geht's Noch...

Gehts Noch is made up of Yannick Hermans and Thomas Van Peer, from Nijlen, Belgium. Make sure you check out their myspace player...there is a great track which you need hear...Keatch & Geht's Noch - Call It Love.

Thomas has said that you can buy "Call It Love" from the compilation "Spicy Cunt" on Beatport and Itunes... now and to expect a FULL RELEASE on LEVEL 75 in September...with remixes by DJ Edjotronic and Congorock!

I also have some mixes for you to turn up loud...Mixtape #1 is 1 hour and 15mins of pure fun, with Daft Punk, Abba, Moulinuex, Justice, Brodinski and many more...while Mixtape #2 is a minimix, consiting of 50 5mins!!!!!

Geht's Noch Mixtape # 1 (July 2007)
01 - Abba - Voulez Vous
02 - Daft Punk - Rollin' & Scratchin'
03 - Duke Dumont - Lean & Bounce
04 - Mr. Oizo - Flatbeat
05 - ????
06 - SebastiAn - Walkman
07 - ????
08 - Goldfrapp - Number 1 (Steve Angello Remix)
09 - Justice - D.A.N.C.E (MSTRKRFT Remix)
10 - ????
11 - Prodigy - Girls (Geht's Noch Edit)
12 - Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Patrick Alavi Re-Rox)
13 - The Rapture - Gonna Get Myself Into It (SebastiAn Remix)
14 - Daft Punk - Human After All (SebastiAn Remix)
15 - Da Hool - Meet Her At The Love Parade / 20 Fingers - Short Dick Man (Acapella)
16 - Federico Franchi - Cream
17 - Tiga - Move My Body (Only For Erol Mix)
18 - High Powered Boys - Hoes Get Down
19 - Down
20 - Mekon Feat. Roxanne Shante - Yes Yes Y'all (Duke Dumont Mix)
21 - Moulinex - Salt
22 - KIM - Wet N' Wild (Riot In Belgium Remix)
23 - Samantha Fu - Theme From Discotheque
24 - Does It Offend You, Yeah? - We Are Rockstars (Kissy Sell Out Remix)
25 - Does It Offend You, Yeah? - We Are Rockstars (Original Mix)
26 - ????
27 - ????

Geht's Noch Mixtape # 2 (Dec 2007)
01 - The Confetti's - The Sound Of C
02 - Geht’s Noch vocal
03 - Daft punk – Oh Yeah
04 - Bomfunk MC's - B-boys, Fly Girls
05 - ????
06 - The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up
07 - 20 fingers ft. Gillette - Short Dick Man
08 - Goose - British Mode
09 - Stardust - Music sounds better with you
10 - 101 - Rock to the beat
11 - Winx - Don't laugh
12 - New order - Blue Monday
13 - Tiga - Move my body (only for erol mix)
14 - Scenario Rock - Skitzo Dancer (Justice Remix)
15 - Felix Da Housecat - Silverscreen
16 - Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam
17 - Justice - Phantom pt. 1
18 - This is Belgium
19 - ????
20 - Eurythmics - Sweet dreams
21 - The Bucketheads - The bomb
22 - Goose Bring - It On
23 - Prince – Kiss
24 - Michael Jackson - Beat It
25 - Bonzai vocal
26 - Robbie Williams – Lovelight (Soulwax Remix)
27 - Daft Punk - Robot rock
28 - Larry Tee feat. Princess Superstar – Licky work it out (Hervé Remix)
29 - Duke Dumont - Lean and bounce
30 - Boys noize this is Michael Jackson
31 - Boys Noize – Eat it
32 - Justice - Phantom
33 - Justin Timberlake - Sexyback
34 - Alter Ego – Rocker
35 - LA Style - James Brown is death
36 - Prodigy - Breathe
37 - Britney Spears - Im a slave for u
38 - Britney Spears - Gimme More
39 - Cant remember
40 - Thomas bangalter – colossus
41 - The Spice Girls – Wannabe
42 - Alter ego – why not
43 - Mr. Oizo - Halfanedit
44 - Calvin Harris - Acceptable in the Eighties
45 - Beyonce Knowles feat Jay-z – Crazy
46 - Mr. Oizo – Flatbeat
47 - The spice girls
48 - Daft punk – Da Funk
49 - Missy eliot – make you loose control
50 - Geht’s noch vocal
51 - Duke Dumont - Lean and bounce