Thursday, 31 July 2008

Crookers - Istola E.P.

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In conjunction with the release of their new EP Istola on Diplo's Mad Decent, they have a brand spanking new podcast for download. Here is a short description from Phra;

Sooooooo, i was on holiday but got to write sum for mad decent...
they will release our ep "il buono , il brutto e il cattivo" really buono is diplo, il brutto is me (phra) and il cattivo is bot when in studio with his mastering outboards....this mix i did in the train from stresa to bern is full of what we like right now...sum diplo ,boy 8-bit, dtl, busta rhymes (bangggggalalaladaaaaash)... stuff... we was bouncin in the train (bot got to stop his movie to listen the mix :))))))
but "dai" cmon listen the mix and don't ask me to speak english...i'm baaaaaaaaaad
ciao to all...tnx to all
kiss to to allcrookers bring it on this mix! some of my favorite shit right now!


crookers E.P.istola EP available now on mad decent!!

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Mad Decent - Worldwide Radio #32 - Crookers

Crookers - Big Money Coming
Bart B More - Bingo Players (Diplo Remix)
Mia - XR2 (Boy 8-Bit Edit)
Boy 8-Bit - The Suspense Is Killing Me (DTL Remix)
Crookers - Il Buono
Duke Dumont - Hoy
Cobra Krames - Whatever She Said
Busta Rhymes - I Got Bass
Benga 26 Basslines
Rusko - Hammertime
DJ Q - You Wot (WIde Boys Mix)
Outthere Brothers - Enjoy (Crookers "Work In Progress" Mix)
Alphabeat - Boyfriend (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
Madera Limpia - Loco (Daniel Haaksan Remix)

Plus, with the vinyl coming soon (retail in less than 2 weeks)...they have a special treat to promote the release

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Crookers - Il Cattivo (Plus Thunder)

Will get links to swooosh up soon...

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