Thursday, 31 July 2008

New music - Polymorphic

Myspace - Polymorphic

Thanks to the good people over the the EA forums for point me in this guys direction. Hailing from mother Russia and friends with that other chap from that neck of the woods...The Proxy.
Pop on over to his myspace and check out his seems hanging with The Proxy has rubbed off...very bass heavy! Tracks include Polymorphic's take on The Proxy - Destroy...along with some of his own productions. Liking the his latest track upped the the player "Want to be my russian Girl"...nothing to do with the hottie in the pic...honest.

Also, it seems Polymorphic is remixing another one of The Proxy's tracks...Raven! To keep you going, here is a video of Les Petits Pilous playing their remix of Raven (Thanks to gerbenlouw

Les Petits Pilous - Mythic party (28-06-2008 )

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