Wednesday, 16 July 2008

New music...Volatile

Myspace - Volatile

Stumbled across a myspace address recently and I have to say...great music! Volatile, which is made up of
NubiS and Sonigo from Slovenia, Switzerland...they may only have four tracks on their myspace player, but I really enjoyed what I heard. Very bass heavy!

About Volatile
"Which genre?!" - that was our first and most important question.

The fact we have the same musical roots (mainly big beat) and similar musical preferences didn't help us at all. While NubiS started producing electrohouse and electro (free downloads on his myspace, Sonigo was still into drum'n'bass and dubstep (

Harsh. It had to be harsh...

So instead of trying to fight this urge, we started this project in order to combine different aspects from different genres to make something new, something different, something exciting...

We hope you enjoy our music as much as we enjoy making it.

Looking forward to hearing their mixes...when I find some you can be sure that I will post them up!

Volatile - Live & Learn
Volatile - Cant Stop Us

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