Thursday, 25 September 2008

Some tracks...

Its been a while since I posted a bunch of tracks for you to check out, kinda busy in work just now...will update it later! So...without further ado...

Myspace - DJ Heros Trail

I seriously dig this remix! Tis a quality track, which should keep you going until Oizo's album drops!

Mr Oizo - POSITIF (DJ Hero's Trail Remix)

Myspace - Data Noir

Its been too long since I posted about Data is his "Focker" booty. You can also download his great mixtape here.

Late of the Pier - Focker (Data Noirs Breakneck Bootleg)


Marc (Data Noir) said...

Thanks for all the promo man :) Good to hear that people are liking it.

mr_regular_joe said...

No problem marc, thanks for supplying the music :D

Anything else, fire it over!

Brynj├│lfur said...

that's some proper rock we've got there.

-hero's trial

electrowh0re said...

some good tunes here. thx