Saturday, 20 September 2008

The Proxy - In New DJs We Trust (19-09-2008)

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BBC - In New Djs We Trust

That nice chap Dirtyroot has went and done even better, by cutting the Proxys guest mix and uploading it! Niiiice! So now we all have some new tunes to listen to before going out tonight!

The Proxy - In New DJs We Trust (19-09-2008)
Chemical Brothers – ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’ [Soulwax Remix] (Virgin)
Laven & MSO ft. Malte – ‘Reach’ [Alte Schule Acid Instrumental] (Klang Elektronic)
Polymorpbic – ‘Rock To Play’ (White)
Autodidakt – ‘Shit Your Rack’ [Proxy Remix] (Traktor)
Volatile – ‘Faces Of War’ (White)
Proxy – ‘Who Are You?’ (Turbo)
Math Head – ‘Get Hype’ (Trouble & Bass Palms Out Sounds)
Aleem –‘Felix Yo!’[Chef Remix](Pro-Zak Trax)
Shadow Dancer – ‘Cowbois’ [Dilemn Remix]
Math Head – ‘Turn The Music Up’ [AC Slater Remix] (Trouble & Bass Palms Out Sounds)
Digitalism – ‘Home Zone’ [Proxy Remix] (White)
Proxy – ‘Raven’ [Live Edit] (Turbo)
Medicine – ‘I'm Sick’ (Next Century)


electrowh0re said...

thank you thank you thank you

mr_regular_joe said...

Haha, no worries was dirtyroot who did all the hardwork!

Anonymous said...