Monday, 15 September 2008

Beat Torrent

Myspace - Beat Torrent

Bit of a rough weekend, now back in the land of the living..sort of.

Got some really impressive stuff for you too check out, two guys from France called Beat Torrent. These guys seamlessly mix music from all genres qbert stylee! Seriously nice mashups going on!

4 x World DMC Team Champions C2C present The Beatorrent Tour featuring DJs Pfel & Atom. The Beattorrent show is an intense 90 minute journey through hip hop and electronica mixed with jaw dropping precision and skill, on 4 decks, by record breaking world champion DJs C2C's DJ Pfel and DJ Atom. As one half of the C2C team, Pfel & Atom have won the DMC world Team Championships a record breaking 4 times, an achievement matched by no other artist in the history of DMC. Their unique shows sees them remix classic tunes as varied as Pumpkin & HunnyBunny/Misirlou (THAT guitar track from the movie Pulp Fiction ) and Sure Shot (Beastie Boys) as well as creating their own compositions on the turntables.

Robot Rock (Beat Torrent Remix / Live)

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cool vid