Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Dave Rose - Eurythmics - Who Am I? / To Disagree

I have heard Erol play a "Sweet Dreams" remix for ages and it seems this is it! Available on a 12" white-label vinyl, links are below!

Hot off the press, we have some highly limited white labels of a cut-up of Eurythmics' anthem "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" that you may have heard out recently in the sets of Soulwax, Erol Alkan and the like.....cant say whos behind this but as you can tell from the re-edit, its from someone who knows what a dancefloor wants - the "To Disagree" side is the 2003 edit, a straightforward update but its the 2008 edit that adds a killer hi-hat & some extra oomph! to the proceedings. Its big!!!

Buy at Phonica Records
White label
: £6.99 : in stock

For a short clip, right click, save as:
Dave Rose - Eurythmics - Who Am I? / To Disagree


DeB said...

you have not this ep ?

Val said...


do you know where can i get a digital copy of this banger? i can't believe its only 12"