Saturday, 20 September 2008

Mr Oizo - Lambs Anger : Release date & extract!!!

Myspace - Mr Ozio
Myspace - Ed Banger Records

Mr Ozio's myspace was updated with some info about his eagerly awaited new album. The first LP has now been given a release date...17-11-08! Put it in your diaries!
He also uploaded an extract of "POSITIF" (download it below)...which sounds amazing! The whole package is fucking sweet, even down to the artwork and titles. Like N0mad on the EA forums pointed out, it seems some inspiration has been taken from a short movie called "Un chien andalou" (1928)!

Mr Oizo - POSITIF (Extract)



Victoire said...

Sweet. Yeah I noticed the similarity between the movie and the cover too.
Btw do you happen to also have the track Z by Mr. Oizo that is on myspace atm?

mr_regular_joe said...

I was listening to it the other day on his muspace, but alas...cant find a link.

Once I do, I will post it up for you!

mr_regular_joe said...


Here you go:

Mr Oizo - Z (160kbps)

Anonymous said...