Thursday, 19 June 2008

Institubes Respect Terror Club (18-06-2008)

D-Reivax from over at Buzzendirekt went to all the trouble to recorded and upload sets from Institubes Respect Terror Club last night! Well done that man!

Myspace - Surkin

Surkin - Institubes Respect Terror Club (18-06-2008)

Myspace - Para One

Para One - Institubes Respect Terror Club (18-06-2008)

Other sets from the night...
Bobmo -
Institubes Respect Terror Club (18-06-2008)
Orgasmic - Institubes Respect Terror Club (18-06-2008)
Jean Nipon @ Institubes Respect Terror Club 18/06/2008
Das Glow @ Institubes Respect Terror Club 18/06/2008
Teki Latex @ Institubes Respect Terror Club 18/06/2008
Tacteel @ Institubes Respect Terror Club 18/06/2008


D-Reivax said...

Not Ripped by Kidz but by Kidz is Only a Copycat ;)

Look @ the tags

regular_joe said...

Hey D-Reivax, thanks for commenting! I have read on a few blogs/forums that is the case with kidz...i do try to give credit to the correct peron. The post has been updated!

regular_joe said...

Here are some (incomplete) tracklists:

MSTRKRFT- Bounce (high powered boys remix)
Awesome 3- don't go
Jess & Crabbe - In your eer
Surkin - White knight two (laidback luke rmx)
feadz- coolasfeadz
Kazey & bulldog- Sweet harmony
Lopazz - We are
Boys Noize- Oh (a-trak remix)
Surkin- Radio Fireworks
Yuksek - Composer (surkin rmx)
Data 80 - Baby I can forgive you
Justice- stress (auto remix)
Inner city- big fun ( simian mobile disco remix)

high powered- hoes get down
Boys Noize- feel good = tv off
crookers- we are all prostitutes
bobmo- turn up cup out
foals- hummer (surkin remix)

Para One

Boys Noize - My Head (Para One Remix)
Daft Punk - Prime Time Of Your Life (Para One Remix)
Para One - Du Dun Dun (MSTRKRFT Remix)
Vegastar - Elle Blesse (Para One Remix)
Teki Latex - Disco Dance With You (Para One Remix)
Para One - Clubhoppn
Para One - Def Tea Machine

Das glow
Stip steve - Ready Steady
Together - Together
Das glow - Nouveau das glooOoooow
Roy Davis Junior - Rock shock (Thomas bangalter rmx)

Jean Nipon :

Outlander - Vamp
??? - ???
??? - ???
Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso - Be
??? - ???
Da Banggaz 314 - Run Up, Get Done Up
MGMT - ... j'aime pas le rock
Maceo - Hoe sit down
??? - ???
D.I.M. - Is you

Anonymous said...

between the white knight remix and cool as feadz is another song. anyone know what it is?