Monday, 30 June 2008

How do I make a Justice style bass line?

Im sure alot of people serach the interwebs for the answer "How do I make a Justice style bass line?" Well, it doesn't sound easy. But, thanks to matpayne from the erol forums, as he has scanned a tutorial from the latest issue of Computer Music Magazine, which describes how to get a Justice style bass!
Now, I aint no producer and I
m guessing this isn’t “gospel” ...but it might give you a better understanding of certain techniques. I also have a collection of kicks & snares from various Justice/JFK tracks, which was posted up in the MSTRKRFT forums.

If you make anything good using this stuff, I would love to heard it!

Justice Kick (WAV)

Various Kicks (ZIP)

Snares (WAV)

I will also post up the various bits (VST's) from the tutorial...then there is no excuse!


Anonymous said...

oh no. thats not the justice sound. i tried it... look erm hear for yourself:

------------------------------------------------- said...

Hmmm...somebody mentioned that you would need certain things from the CM magazine. I will try to find em and post it all up!

Nice effort tho mr anon...I said a hip, hop, the hippie :D

Anonymous said...

yes. you will need the free independence software which u can use as a vst plugin in your host. then you will need some additional samples in order to get the bass preset to work. therefore i had to download quite a lot of stuff from their homepage. However i am quite disappointed by the result. It simply is not what justice is doing. I see no point in going after this approach.

------------------------------------------------- said...

Damn, thanks for the heads up!

Can you point me in the right direction for the downloads, my mate is wanting to give it a whirl!

Anonymous said...

u got mail.

------------------------------------------------- said...

nice one mate...replied!

Genaro said...

Its a lagit way to get the bass line. I dont think that theres anything to gain from immitating the justice base line. If you listen to some of the great electro acts today they all have a slightly different distorted bass style. Even Justice uses more than one in one song or more. This is a good way to discover how to make the distorted baseline but you should go for your own. I personaly like using Pro 53, tal 60, minimoog v. and others with distortion over them. good luck guys.