Thursday, 5 June 2008

Justice videos...

Justice - DVNO
21Mb / MOV
DVNO, which according to Xavier de Rosnay, stands for "Divino." He goes on to say that, "In every suburb of the world, in every city, there's always a nightclub called El Divino...Clubs where you have to wear a white shirt to get in."
The video is directed by So-Me (Ed Banger's very own), Yorgos Tloupas and Machine Molle. It takes the lyrics from the song and turns it them into famous logos of companies (such as HBO, 20th Century Fox) with a total 80's-style/retro kinda feel.

Justice - Stress
50Mb / MOV / QuickTime 640 x 480 High Quality
The official video for "Stress" was causing mayhem in the French media. The video follows a gang of youngsters from the Paris suburbs who destroy and harass everything and everyone they meet. The French hoodlums (adorned with "†" jackets) walk around the streets of Paris smashing cars, beating up anyone who gets in their way, stealing old ladies' purses before finally turning on the cameraman himself.
The video clip was boycotted by several TV-stations, so the band dumped the video on YouTube.

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