Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Radiohead - Nude (Remix)

Maybe I'm a little off topic here, but I had to share this video that James Houston made. He is a very clever chap. James used his uber nerd skills to somehow remix "Nude" by Radiohead. Not only that, but it sounds good...really good if you take into consideration that it is made up entirely from various bits of ancient computer hardware. What was used in this crazy rendition you ask? Well, a Sinclair ZX Spectrum (of course), Epson LX-81 dot matrix printer, HP Scanjet 3c and lots of old hard disk drives.


nickyburger said...

wow, great find!

------------------------------------------------- said...

Love everything about this, well thought out, sounds great and even has that "vintage" feel to the actual video! Superb, more of the same please James!