Friday, 28 November 2008

Justice - A Cross The Universe (DVD)

Not quite...its a DVD only (MPEG4 Format). You will need winrar to uncompress it and a media player like VLC to play it. Enjoy :)

'A Cross The Universe' is the first live outing for French electronic duo Gaspard Auge and Xavier de Rosnay otherwise known as Justice. Rocking dancefloors across the world, this DVD documentary and CD captures the duo's ferocious energy - from DJ sets to live shows. The movie was shot during Justice's North America Tour, during twenty days (from March to April 2008."

Part 1 of 8
Part 2 of 8
Part 3 of 8
Part 4 of 8
Part 5 of 8
Part 6 of 8
Part 7 of 8
Part 8 of 8

Boys Noize & Shir Khan - Fritz Soundgarden (25-11-2008)

Myspace - Boys Noize
Myspace - Shir Khan

Boys Noize & Shir Khan - Fritz Soundgarden (25-11-2008)

Justice - Fubiz Broadcast #38 (25-11-2008)

Myspace - Justice

Justice - Fubiz Broadcast #38 (25-11-2008)
01 - Intro
02 - Justice - Phantom (Soulwax remix - Justice Edit)
03 - Sylvester - You Make Me Feel (Remix)
04 - The Prodigy – No Good
05 - Jeff Mills – The Bells
06 - Laurent Garnier – The Sound Of The Big Babou
07 - Justice – We are your friends (Justice Edit)
08 - Justice – Waters of Nazareth (Justice Remix)
09 - Justice – D.A.N.C.E (Live version - Edit)
10 - Buffalo Springfield – For what it's worth

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Mr Oizo Interview with Brain Magazine (Nov 2008)

Myspace - Mr Oizo

Yet another great interview done by somebody else...thought I would post it up.

You can read the original here:

Brain-Magazine Mr Oizo Interview (French)

Or...thanks to JGM you can read it in plain old English.

The release of Lambs Anger, his third album, is madly exciting the underground blogging scene as well as the more traditional media. Amongst the surviving 90s French Touch artists, Mr Oizo is really one of the only one to set off such reactions. This guy has a special thing that makes everybody almost religiously worshipping him. And therefore he's scaring us a bit. So we decided it would be better to entrust Diplo, Kid Sister, Zombie Zombie, Radioclit, Mixhell, Brodinski, MSTRKRFT, Joakim, Errorsmith, Bloody Beetroots and Midnight Juggernauts with the interview.

Diplo: How do you manage to do that 'weeerrrruhbrghshhshhhseeyyer' sound?
Mr Oizo: Diplo I don't know you, but I have the impression your question is badly formulated.

Radioclit: For almost 10 years you used to hide behind your producing appliances and your camera, but finally got to dj in 2006-2007 and play a lot of gigs. Honestly, what are your feelings concerning this close contact with your audience and the dancefloors?
Mr Oizo: It's half exciting and half very depressing.

Zombie Zombie: How did you come to making music? Did you learn musical theory?
Mr Oizo: Dear Zombie Zombie, I never learnt musical theory. My ears and my magical fingers sort things out.

Zombie Zombie: Why did you choose the instruments you're using?
Mr Oizo: I use a computer because it's less of a hassle than plugging 4 appliances. And the result is more or less the same.

Zombie Zombie: What's your relationship with your instruments like?
Mr Oizo: My computer is just a tool. If it doesn't work properly, I dump it and replace it with a brand new one.

Zombie Zombie: Do you still buy appliances? Which one would you love to get? Why?
Mr Oizo: I would like to have a SERGE synth, to spend nights recording sounds.

Zombie Zombie: Which record would you dream to have?
Mr Oizo: I would like to hear the ninth Daft Punk album.

Zombie Zombie: What are the last records you bought? Do you like them?
Mr Oizo: I only buy old vinyls to sample.

Zombie Zombie: Do you listen again to your own tracks? Why?
Mr Oizo: Yes I listen again to my tracks a lot to check if they don't sound too old.

MSTRKRFT: You smoke inside every club. Is the price of the fine included in your fee?
Mr Oizo: No. On the other had, Pedro promised me his lungs if I have any health problem. That's the EdBanger spirit, a true family.

MSTRKRFT: Is it true you never released Moustache on vinyl because the mastering didn't satisfy you?
Mr Oizo: Yes! The Exchange didn't manage to press Moustache correctly. It was a disaster, the needle kept jumping. After three attempts, I decided to give up. On second thought, it was maybe the FCOM boss, who was tightfisted, manipulating me.

MSTRKRFT: If you could do your own plugging, what would it be? Or rather, what's the most annoying thing in producing you'd like to automate?
Mr Oizo: I would like to have a plugin which would be able to interpret the music you put into on its own. With loads of parameters to be able to do anything. For example, you would put a Bowie track into it, the plugin would analyse it and spit it out with altered instruments, voices, harmonies.

Joakim: Concerning music, is it better to be a reactionary punk or a progressive hippie?
Mr Oizo: You're both at the same time, you have to tell me.

Mixhell: What's the best meal you ate during a tour?
Mr Oizo: Who are you Mixhell?

Errorsmith: What are the 5 records you would take with you on a desert island?
Mr Oizo: Not trying to be witty, but I wouldn't think of bringing records on a desert island. And I wouldn't stand it for more than an hour, I hate being bored.

Kid Sister: What's your favourite clothes shop in Paris?
Mr Oizo: Err she thinks she's asking Uffie there, doesn't she? or Kavinsky?

Kid Sister: What's your Astrological sign?
Mr Oizo: Ram, Bull, Two Fish, Archer

Kid Sister: Have you already been to Chicago, and if so what did you think of it?
Mr Oizo: I suggest you keep this question for the beginning of a song verse.

Brodinski: First of all, I wanted to tell you I love the album, particularly Two Takes It! How did you get the idea to work with Carmen Castro on that track? and who is she?
Mr Oizo: Carmen is a mysterious female singer who'd rather hide at the moment, but I can introduce you to her if you publicly confess being a bit fragile sexually speaking.

Brodinski: Are you going to make a new movie?
Mr Oizo: Yes! Will you go and watch it?

The Bloody Beetroots: Your productions have an organized anarchy which is transmitted in your name: OIZO. Is there a relationship between punk and electronic in your world?
Mr Oizo: No I'm a neat guy.

The Bloody Beetroots: Your album teaser refers to a classic of the Surrealism: Un Chien Andalou (from Luis Buñuel). Can your music live without visions? and I mean are there always images before your productions?
Mr Oizo: I don't think of any images when I'm producing music. The reference to Un Chien Andalou is there because my album is an exquisite corpse as well.

Midnight Juggernauts: When I was a broke teenager, I made a trip across the States. Some friend of mine had given me the name of one of his friend, so that I could stay at their place for a week in North Carolina. We discovered later that they were gay dentists. Did you experience anything like that?
Mr Oizo: No, but I like the idea of a dentist specialised with gay people, I find it funny.

Midnight Juggernauts: If you were doing a movie about your life, who would play your role and why?
Mr Oizo: I would ask for a dead actor, so that the movie could not be done.

Martin Solveig - Live at Sensation White, Madrid (22/11/2008)

Martin Solveig - Live at Sensation Ocean of White Madrid (22/11/2008)
00. Sensation Intro
01. Pryda - Rakfunk w/ ID Acapella
02. Herv? feat. Plastic Little - Cheap Thrills
03. Martin Solveig - C'est la vie w/ Daft Punk Acapella
04. Laidback Luke & A-Trak - Shake It Down
05. Daft Punk - Around The World (ID Remix)
06. Dirty South feat. Rudy - Let It Go
07. Kid Cudi - Day 'N' Nite (Crookers Remix)
08. Martin Solveig feat. Lee Fields - I Want You (Laidback Luke Remix)
09. The Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax Remix)
10. Tocadisco - Morumbi (Original Mix)
11. ID
12. Dragonette - Competition (Laidback Luke Remix) w/ Martin Solveig feat. Lee Fields - Everybody
13. Yves Larock - Rise Up w/ ID Acapella
14. ID
15. Daft Punk - (Alive 2007)

Some other info about the quality etc...
Audio Quality: 128kbps
Length: 58:46
Style: Elektronic
Size: 53,8 MB

Slam - 10 years of Pressure - Mixmag CD (Nov 2008)

Myspace - Slam

I have no doubt already said that I;ve got my golden tickets for Pressure, which happens to be tomorrow night. So with that just around the corner, I thought I would post up Slams latest mix...which comes free with Mixmag this month.

Slam - 10 years of Pressure - Mixmag CD (Nov 2008)

01 Dubfire - Ribcage
02 Slam Feat Tyrone Palmer - This World (Wighnomy Bros & Robag Wruhme Bukkelfipps Remix)
03 Marco Carola - Dancing Days
04 Audion - Mouth To Mouth
05 Marc Houle - Bay Of Figs
06 Green Velvet - Destination Unknown
07 Radio Slave Feat Danton Eeprom - Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror Planet Remix)
08 Adam Beyer - A Walking Contradiction
09 Joris Voorn - MPX309
10 Slam - Positive Education
11 Funk D'Void - Diabla (Funk D'Void's Heavenly Remix)
12 Martin Buttrich - Full Clip
13 Carl Craig - Demented (Or Just Crazy)
14 Dave Clarke - Wisdom To The Wise
15 Scott Grooves - Mothership Reconnection (Daft Punk Remix)

For anybody up my neck of the woods...they have released the set times for Pressure!

Front Arch
Radio Slave 1030 – 115
Dusty kid live 115 – 230
Jesse rose 230 – 5

Back Arch
Slam 1030 – 12
Carl Craig 12 – 2
Slam 2 – 3
Boys Noize 3 – 5

Play Room
Mirror Music 1030 – 12
David Holmes 12 – 130
Damian lazarus 130 – 315
Yoda 315 – 5

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Justice - Across The Universe

Myspace - Justice

Audio CD in its full 320kbps glory! Get it while its hot...

Justice - Across The Universe
01 - Intro
- Genesis
- Phantom Part 1
- Phantom Part 1.5
- D.A.N.C.E
- D.A.N.C.E Part 2
- Dvno
- Waters Of Nazareth (Prelude)
- One Minute To Midnight
- Tthhee Ppaarrttyy
- Let There Be Lite
- Stress
- We Are Your Friends (Reprise)
- Waters Of Nazareth
- Phantom Part 2
- Encore
- Ny Excuse
18 - Final

Don Rimini - Tour Dates and OHow Video (Coming Soon)

Tronik Youth - Dark Nites (Nov 2008)

Myspace - Tronik Youth

Tronik Youth - Dark Nites (Nov 2008)
01 - Johnny Cash - Port of Lonely Hearts [ Midnight Juggernauts Remix]
- Van She - Kelly (M83 Mix)
- Euler - Conservation Of Momentum
- Talk Talk - Such A Shame (12" Dub)
- Drums Of Death - Dodfucksupanescorttune
- Jorg Burger - Modernism Begins At Home
- Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream (Neon Neon Mix)
- Loud E - Tomorrows World
- The Juan maclean - The Simple Life
- Sylvester - U R A Star (Members only Edit)
- New Order - Hurt (12"Mix)
- The Isolators- Concentrate On Us
- Plugs - Bodyheat (Heartbreak Mix)
- Vampire Weekend - The Kids Don't Stand A Chance (Chromeo Mix)
- Findlay Brown - Promised Land (Pilooski mix)
- La Roux - Quicksand (Chateau Marmont mix)
- Neon Neon - Dream Cars (Motor City Mix)
- Noonday Underground - The Light Brigade (Cut Copy mix)

Monday, 24 November 2008

WeAreBlahBlahBlah EP5 - Mixed by Midfield General

Myspace - Midfield General
Myspace - WeAreBlahBlahBlah
Blog - WeAreBlahBlahBlah

Thanks to
WeAreBlahBlahBlah for this mix...check out there blog or myspace for more info!

WeAreBlahBlahBlah EP5 Mix 1 - Midfield General
01) TV On The Radio - Golden Age
02) Mr Oizo - Cut Dick
03) Poni Hoax - Hypercommunication (Alter Ego Rx)
04) In Flagranti - Personal Angst
05) Bloc Party - Talons (Midfield General Dub)
06) Plastique De Reve - Resist
07) The Shoes - America (Brodinski Remix)
08) Caucasian Boy - Northern Lights (303-apella)
09) Tiga - Mind Dimension
10) Mr Oizo - Positif (Midfield General Re-Edit)
11) Dizzee Rascal - Flex (Dave Spoon Reflex)
12) Dead Prez - Hip Hop (Diplo Remix)
13) Midfield General - On The Road (Fukkk Off Remix)
14) Midfield General - Coatnoise (Dave Clarke Remix)
15) Martini Brothers - Big & Dirty (Tiga Remix)
16) Ladyhawke - Paris Burning (Alex Gopher Rx)

WeAreBlahBlahBlah EP5 Mix 2 - Midfield General

01) Busy P - To Protect & Entertain (So Me Remix, Midfield General Re-Edit)
02) Alter Ego - Jolly Joker
03) Midfield General Disco Sirens Acapella
04) Debra Dolce - Goodies (Zero Cash Mix)
05) Sirisumo - All The Girls (Tomboy Remix)
06) Alter Ego - Fuckingham Palace (Nerk & Dirk Leyers Remix)
07) Sawtooth Sucka - Sit Down
08) Foamo - Everything Cool
09) Atomic Hooligan - Electro Ain't Electro No More (Rico Tubbs Remix)
10) Grinderman - No Pussy Blues (Midfield General Remix)
11) Delon, Declan - Who (Popof Remix)
12) Sebastian Tellier - Kilometer (Goose Remix)
13) Midfield General - Disco Sirens (D.I.M. Remix)

Justice - Forma T (Pure FM) (21-11-2008)

Myspace - Justice
[pic Dennis Bouman]

Justice - Forma T (Pure FM) (21-11-2008)

Friday, 21 November 2008

Mr. Oizo - Gay Dentists (JFK Edit)

Myspace - JFK
Myspace - Mr Oizo

One of my favorite tracks from Oizo's new album is Gay Dentist. Cue one half of MSTRKRFT, JFK, who has worked his magic and made a wicked edit...which he has shared publically!

i think / know a lot of people have edited this already, but i really wanted to take it further so i did this
and seeing as how you all always want the edits and i never make them public...

Fuckin A!!!

Mr. Oizo - Gay Dentists (JFK Edit)

Thanks to Asiandan for this :)

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Popof live sets...

Myspace - Popof

Thanks to L-Hop for finding these :)

Popof - Jacbri Show on Proton Live Mix (16-10-2008)

01 - Popof - Serenity
02 - Lutzenkirchen - All That Jazz (Popof Remix2)
03 - Popof - Dust Storm
04 - Popof - My Toys
05 - Popof - Lost Thought
06 - John Starlight - Road Rage (Popof Remix)
07 - Butch - 1000 Lords (Popof Remix)
08 - Popof - Tempered Dance

Popof - Get The Curse Podcast 019 (25-02-02008)
01 - System 7 - Space Bird (Dubfire remix) [A-Wave]
02 - Fergie - Senderon [Excentric Music]
03 - Angelo Battilani - Too Many Words (Andrea Bertolini rmx)) [Stereoseven Plus]
04 - Par Grindvik - Do Us Part [Drumcode]
05 - Piato - We Need A Fix [???]
06 - Fergie - Senderoff [Stereoseven Plus]
07 - Modeselektor - Black Block [Bpitch Control]
08 - Michal Ho - Screw The Coffemaker (Adam Beyer Remix) [Tuning Spork]
09 - Daley Padley Vs Chris Special - Electro Is Dead [Suesse Records]
10 - Mann Frosch - Pondos [Frosch]
11 - Oliver Huntemann - Zum Goldenen Handschuh [Confused Recordings]
12 - Mastrantonio - Whit [???]
13 - Magneto - Panzer [???]
14 - Marc Romboy & Stephan Bodzin - Miranda [Systematic]

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Bloody Beetroots - I Love Techno 2008 (Videos)

Nah, not the full set (still hoping it appears later)...but some shaky cam. Thought I would post it as the first track on the vid...
Tiga - Mind Dimensions (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)
Thanks to gerbenlouw for finding this :)

Mellow - Cakes

Myspace - Mellow

Will get this updated soon...

Doing the usual myspace you do. Then noticed Mellow has yet another new track up.

Mellow - Cakes

Plus if that wasnt enough, his latest mixtap...made with his friend (Dj Anuss)

Mellow Vs Anuss - Jesus use me (Nov 2008)
streetlife DJs - We Love The Disco Sound (Discopella)
ZZT - The Worm (Erol Alkan Extended Rework)
Tiga - Mind Dimension 2
Fakeblood - Mars
Bingo Players - Get Up (Diplo Remix)
Kidda - Under The Sun (Herve Remix)
Guns 'n' Bombs - Riddle Of Steel
Proxy - Raven
Keatch - Bodyspray
Action Man - Zombie Dance
Somebody's Going Down Tonight - Duckkk
Noisia - B.R.U.L.
Mellow - Eat My Tank
Daft Punk - Rollin' & Scratchin' (Satiskeatchen Edit)
Mellow - Cakes (Jesus Use Me First Edit)
Modeselektor - The Black Block
Digitalism - Homezone (Proxy Remix)
Alex Gopher - Aurora (Shinichi Osawa Remix)

Monday, 17 November 2008

Some new threads...

I recently purchased some nice tshirts, thought I would post up the ones doing the rounds at the moment! These would make an ideal Christmas gift...if anybody wants to send me something...please do :D

Myspace - Les Petits Pilous

You can win one of these cool T's...just follow the link below and fill in the form!

Les Petits Pilous - Comp


Purchase Les Petits Pilous T's here
(Only small left)

Myspace - Stereoheroes

The guys sent over this voucher code, which allows customers to save 15% on all orders! Nice! Just make sure its before the 20th of November!



Purchase Stereoheroes T's here

Myspace - Mad Decent

Various designs to choose from...

Purchase Mad Decent T's here

Sensation Denmark 2008 (15-11-2008)

Will get this updated later...

Link Up
18.30-19.30 Jeff E (Live stream only)
19.30-20.45 Erick E
20.45-22.00 Kjeld Tolstrup
22.00-23.30 Tiga
23.30-00.00 Mega Mix
00.00-01.15 Rune RK
01.15-03.00 Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso

Jeff E - Sensation Denmark 2008 (15-11-2008) (Link removed...will get replacement)

Erick E
- Sensation Denmark 2008 (15-11-2008)
01. Martin Solveig - I Want You (Laidback Luke Remix)
02. ID
03. ID
04. Joachim Garraud - Are U Ready? (ID Remix)

Kjeld Tolstrup - Sensation Denmark 2008 (15-11-2008)

Rune RK - Sensation Denmark 2008 (15-11-2008)

Megamix - Sensation Denmark 2008 (15-11-2008)
01. Daft Josh - Sensation Rulez The Nation
02. Funkerman - Speed Up
03. Ida Engberg - Disco Volante
04. Soul Providers - Rise
05. Paul Johnson - Get Down
06. Greg Roog Jeroenski - Your Mind is Twisted
07. Fedde le Grand vs Funky Green Dogs - 3 Minutes vs Fired Up
08. STFU - Thriller
09. Robert Armani - Ambulance + Justice vs Simian - We Are Your Friends (Acapella)
10. Bob Sinclar - I Feel For You
11. Pryda - Pjanoo
12. Robin S vs Steve Angello & Laidback Luke - Show Me Love vs Be (Hardwell Mashup)
13. SIA - The Girl You Lost To Cocaine
14. Sebastian Leger - Hit Girl + Reloop - Fucking Society (Acapella)
15. Mr Sam vs. Human Resource - Dominator
16. Sander van Doorn - Riff + Funkagenda - What The Fuck (Acapella)
17. Benjamin Bates - Lost Myself In The Way You Close Your Eyes
18. T99 - Anasthasia
19. Vitalic - La Rock

Tiga - Sensation Denmark 2008 (15-11-2008)

Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso - Sensation Denmark 2008 (15-11-2008)

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Justice - The Weekend Warm Up (Galaxy FM)(08-11-2008)

Myspace - Justice

I must of missed this when it was doing the rounds earlier this week...recorded in Copenhagen two weeks ago.

Justice - The Weekend Warm Up (Galaxy FM)(08-11-2008)

ATrak & Erol Alkan - Essential Mix (BBC Radio1)(15-11-2008)

Myspace - Erol Alkan
Myspace - ATrak

This exciting Essential Mix is brought to you by multiple DMC winner ATrak and the UKs voted Number 1 DJ...Erol Alkan!!! Presented by Annie from 2020 in Bournemouth.

ATrak & Erol Alkan - Essential Mix (BBC Radio1)(15-11-2008)
01 - The Faint - Mirror Error (Das Glow Remix)
02 - Mr. Oizo - Positif
03 - Tiga - Mind Dimension 2
04 - ID?
05 - ZZT - The Worm
06 - Jan Driver - Rat Alert
07 - Style Of Eye - Ona
08 - ID?
09 - Zombie Nation - Forza
10 - Patrice Baumel - Roar
11 - Mystery Jets - Two Doors Down (Duke Dumont remix)
12 - 10CC - I'm Not In Love

Annie Mac - Mash Up (BBC Radio1) (14-11-2008)

Myspace - Annie Mac
Myspace - Erol Alkan
Myspace - ATrak
BBC - Radio 1 - Annie Mac

This week on Annie Mac's mashup show, she interviews Erol and ATrak before their Essential Mix gets broadcast and also re-airs Mr Alkans 2005 minimix for good mesasure!

We're down on the South Coast! We are doing the Mash Up in Southampton then heading across to 2020 Rocks in Bournemouth to do the Essential Mix with Erol Alkan and A-Trak...!

Annie Mac - Mash Up (BBC Radio1) (14-11-2008)

Friday, 14 November 2008

More Justice Live Remixes...

You can now pre-order the eagerly awaited Justice DVD, A Cross The Universe from follow the link:

Pre-Order Justice - A Cross The Universe ($20.99)

Extraordinary things always happen when unexpected. During the 18 months Justice spent touring, "extraordinary" didn't necessarily mean "amazing", or "great", (though it sometimes did) but "surreal", "weird", "horrendous", "fascinating", "paranormal", etc. To cut a long story short, it means that without anyone to film you twenty-four/seven, no one will believe or get the essence of every moment you'd like to tell them about. So as Justice were about to tour the USA for the second time, multi-awarded directors and intimate friends of the band Romain Gavras and So-Me taped every second of that 3 week tour that looks like it lasted 3 years. This documentary isn't a report of a Justice live show (the audio CD is here for that), but is all about the extraordinary things that can happen when a bunch of frogs gets dropped in dreamy America.

Disc I - A documentary by Justice, Romain Gavras, & So-Me

Disc II - Audio CD Live In San Francisco


01 - INTRO
03 - PHANTOM Part I
04 - PHANTOM Part I.5
05 - D.A.N.C.E
06 - D.A.N.C.E Part II
07 - DVNO
18 - FINAL

Seems I missed out on these two yesterday...thought I would post em up!

Justice - Two Minutes to Midnight

Justice - TTHHEE PPAARRTTYY (Live Version)

Rob da Bank & Friends - The A-Z Of Erol Alkan (10-11-08)

Myspace - Rob da Bank
Myspace - Erol Alkan
BBC - Rob da Bank

I missed this show when it originally aired this week, but thanks to plazzTT...I will be listening to it over the weekend! Nice! Also, thanks to streetjack from themixingbowl for actually getting it recorded!

Rob da Bank & Friends - The A-Z Of Erol Alkan (10-11-08)
Rob da Bank & Friends - The A-Z Of Erol Alkan (10-11-08)

A: Art of Noise – ‘Close To The Edit’
B: Beach Boys – ‘All I Wanna Do’
C: CAN – ‘Vitamin C’
D: The Charades – ‘Dumbhead’
E: Thomas Bangalter – ‘Extra Dry’
F: Fox – ‘Sssingle’
G: Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci – ‘If Fingers Were Xylophones’
H: Black Devil Disco Club – ‘H Friend’
I: INXS – ‘Mystify’
J: Janet Kay – ‘Silly Games’
K: Kinks – Sunny Afternoon’
L: The Leftbanke – ‘Pretty Ballerina’
M: Manic Street Preachers – ‘Yes’
N: Sparks – ‘Number One Song In Heaven’
O: Mr Oizo – ‘Moustache (Half A Scissor)’
P: Prince – ‘If I Was Your Girlfriend’
Q: Michael Head – ‘Queen Matilda’
R: Ramases & Selket – ‘My Minds Eye’
S: The Carpenters – ‘Superstar’
T: Harry Thumann – ‘Sphinx’
U: Unique 3 - ‘The Theme (Autechre remix)’
V: Abba – ‘The Visitors’
W: The Pretty Things – ‘Walking Through My Dreams’
X: Olivia Newton John & ELO – ‘Xanadu’
Y: Beatles – ‘Yer Blues (Dirty Mac TV 11 12 68)’
Z: Ziggy Stardust – ‘Moonage Daydream’ (Live at the BBC album)

Soulwax Interview in Future Music Magazine (Oct 08)

Myspace - Soulwax
Future Music Mazgine Official Website

Again...been asked to take this down :( Bitchin...sorry folks!


ZZT - The Worm (Video)

Myspace - ZZT
Myspace Thomas Von Party
Myspace - Turbo Rec

Turbo's Thomas Von Party made this bizzare video for ZZT's "The Worm" , which is made up entirly of footage from the BBC's amazing TV series...Planet Earth.

Produced by Tiga and Zombie Nation
Written by Tiga Sontag and Florian Senfter
Recorded at Zombie Studios München.
(P) UKW Publishing/ Curse Of The Dove / Bert Songs
(C) Turbo Recordings Inc. 2008

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Erol Alkan Interview in Future Music Magazine (Oct 08)

Myspace - Erol Alkan
Future Music Mazgine Official Website

For those who missed this indepth interview with Erol, you can download it below! Saved it as jpeg image that it would open on everybodys computer.

I have been asked to take this down :( Bitchin...sorry folks!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Justice - Phantom 1.5 Live / DVNO Live

Not that it needs it, but more hype for the Justice DVD release! After listening to these, it makes me wish Justice did more gigs up my neck of the woods! Amazing!



Justice - A Cross The Universe (Extract 01)

Myspace - Justice

This is the first part in a series of teasers from the new Justice DVD "A Cross The Universe" ...which is released November 24th. I have searched for the other parts...but I dont think they have been uploaded yet! If you see em, fire them up in the comments!

Proxy - Top 10 (November 2008)

Myspace - Proxy

Proxy has put his top 10 tracks at the moment on Fairtilizer (thanks ddaan)

01 - Proxy - Raven (Live Edit)
02 - Jokers of the Scene - Baggy Bottom Boys DZ Ravestep Remix
03 - Tonka - Freeze
04 - Machines Done Care - Afro Jacker (Original Mix)
05 - AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix)
06 - Duke Dumont - Hoy
07 - Chase & Status - Eastern Jam
08 - CLP - Ready Or Not (Diplo vs DJ Sega Remix)
09 - Sascha Braemer & Philip Bader - Mamba Drums
10 - Jesper Dahlback - I Love Water

If you are wanting to hear these, you can by following the link:
Proxy - Top 10 (November 2008)

Mustard Pimp - November Mixtape (2008)

Myspace - Mustard Pimp

The latest mixtape from the Pimps of Mustard is now up! They are also good enough to share four exclusive tracks with you all...they are at the bottom of the post!

Mustard Pimp - November Mixtape (2008)

01 - Designer Drugs - Zombies!
- Jackinori - Bad boi J'Taime
- Jeff Doubleu - Back Again (Original Mix)
- Sound Of Stereo - Evil Panda
- A1 Bassline Vs Dean Tynan - Pussy
- Stereoheroes - Washout (Ill St M remix)
- Jason Sparks - Oublie Moi (Charlie Fanclub rmx)
- Mustard Pimp Ft. A Girl & A Gun - Beetle Gum
- Tits & Clits - Dan
- A1 Bassline - Bad Man Horror Theme
- Mustard Pimp - Oh la la Satan
- The Quemists Ft. Wiley - Dem Na Like (A1 Bassline rmx)
- Mustard Pimp vs Stereoheroes - Shark Spray
- Rex The Dog - Bubblicious (Congorock remix)
- Clazziquai Project - Prayers (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
- Bondo Do Role - Geremia (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix)
- Mustard Pimp - RER D (Villeneuve Triage Edit)

Mustard Pimp - Oh la la Satan

Mustard Pimp - Zombie Revenge

Mustard Pimp - Oh La La Satan (Stereoheroes Remix)

Stereoheroes - Washout(Mustard Pimp Remix)


Gave me a laugh this morning...funny ad for a club night featuring Digitalism, Cookers, Tommie Sunshine, Nic Sarno, Dargen D'amico (13-11-08 Amnesia, Milano)

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Data Transmission 022 - Don Rimini

Myspace - Don Rimini
Data Transmission Website

This seems to happen all the time, no new mixes...then they all come at once! Another mixtape from Don Rimini, which is episode 22 for Data Transmission. They also done a quick interview with the man himself...which can be found below!

DTPodcast022: Don Rimini

[Data Transmission]A delightfully friendly chap that creates bass-heavy, electro delights that shake the most cemented of dancefloors, Don Rimini's been buried in musical gadgetry for years - but it was last year that he came to foreground in the UK scene. His track Let Me Back Up was an anthem of every major set and his remix this summer of Young MC's Bust a Move also achieved similar frenzied acclaim, and his Kick n Run EP has predictably also smacked it. He's the bloggers' dream and his DJ sets are a whirlwind of mania-inducing killers that defy you to keep to still.

He’s captured said mania in his Podcast for us, which flits between filthy electro dirt and fidget house grooves with much aplomb. And we all like a bit of aplomb, don’t we?

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

[Don Rimini]My fave is The Kills - Cheap and Cheerful (SebastiAn Remix). I love The Kills, Their album is simply beautiful, and this Sebastian remix is absolutely rad!

[Data Transmission]
What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

[Don Rimini]There are a lot! In this mix, I wanted to show up tracks that I received via MySpace or others. There are frenchies like Meeky or Dakunt, a remix by Brodinski and Yuksek which never been released. Shame isn’t it? And also, there is the non-official remix of my track Rave On which was done by DJ Barretta. The Crookers made me discover it...and my edit of Sussudio! Héhéhé.

[Data Transmission]
What’s the best gig you’ve played recently?

[Don Rimini]There've been so many lately! But if I had to choose, I will say Solidays Festival. 8000 people in open sky, and especially in Paris, my town....SO cool!

Absolutely insane crowd! Some kids improvised a stage diving contest... all my friends with me on stage...crazy man!

[Data Transmission]
What have you got coming up?

[Don Rimini]Yo, my track with Verb – Psssy Mind, is out now, on Gutter Music – Milkcrate Rcords. Aaron Lacrate’s label. Then a remix for Numero#, my Canadian homies. It’s finished, should be released very soon. Check it out!

Also a remix for Kennedy, an American band. Actually, I’ve made 2 very different remixes of it. And a remix for my buddy Sinden Hardcore Girl feat. Rye Rye.
On top of that I’ve made some funny pirate remixes of Ghostbusters theme, Phil Collins...

I’ve also produced a remix for Fires Of Rome an awesome NYC band close to Mark Ronson. And I’m preparing an ambitious mixtape with edits, unreleased’ll see...and my next EP. I’m a true workaholic...hehe

Ah, and also a Xmas mix for Playboy magazine US.. .I would never have been so closed to Hef...hahaha...the real Don...

On the DJ side, I’m touring around Europe a lot, and also in the US and in Asia. Check out my MySpace I love DJing, it’s wicked.
Opportunities are popping out these days, it’s crazy

[Data Transmission]
And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

[Don Rimini]Let me back up! Ah ah ah!

They call me Mellow Yellow!

Myspace - Mellow

I've been sitting on these for a while, its just that I have been getting hassled at work recently! They reckon I need to work to justify my wage...fuckingfuckers! So my appologies about the lack of new stuff! Doesnt help Im a lazy stoner bastard with very little spare time!
Anyhoo. If you read the blog, you will no doubt have seen me talking about Mellow...or you might of checked his music out. Well, he was good enough to send over all his tracks to share with the good readers at Ulteriormusic!

[new links]
Mellow - Tempogeist (Crusin 39 Remix)
Mellow - Stop The Buzz (HQ)
Mellow - Eat My Tank
Mellow - Boss Fight (HQ)

Mellow - Boomcrack
Mellow - Goodbye Basil
Mellow - When Onions Burst

Mellow - Purple Depths

If you enjoy the music, let us know by posting up in the comments. You can also show your appreciation by voting for him at will only take 5mins of your time!

You will need register at

Then login

Goto his page:

Then vote! It would be nice to see Mellow get towards the top of the table, as the guy deserves it!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Les Petit Pilous - Wake Up (Video)

Myspace - Les Petit Pilous

Crazy video for a crazy track! The video for "Les Petit Pilous - Wake Up" (on Boys Noize Records)

Cant embed the video...check it out here:

Les Petit Pilous - Wake Up (Video)

Don Rimin - Come Get Dirty With Us Mixtape (Nov 2008)

FINALLY...a new mixtape from Don which isnt a renamed "Ditch It All" mix. A certain reader should be happy at this haha! You know who you are ;)

Don Rimin - Come Get Dirty With Us Mixtape (Nov 2008)

Don Rimini - Hools
N.A.S.A. feat. Method Man, E40 & DJ Swamp - N.A.S.A. Music (LA Riots Remix)
The Count & Sinden ft. Rye Rye - Hardcore Girls (Don Rimini Nasty Boy Remix)
Shinichi Osawa - Rendezvous (Crookers Remix)
ZZT - The Worm (Erol Alkan Extended Rework)
Mixhell - Dance or Die (Database Remix)
Machines Don’t Care - Afro Jacker
Don Rimini - Rave On
Don Rimini - Rave On (Dj barletta Remix)
Hollywood Holt - Caked Up (Black Holes Remix)
Cult - Sound of Seduction (Guns N Bombs Dub Mix)
Late Of The Pier - Focker (Phrenzy Remix)
Proxy - Raven (Les Petits Pilous Remix)
Trash Fashion - Why Can’t We Be Friends? (Mason Storm’s 2 Hottie Mix)
Bart B More - Bingo Players (Diplo Remix)
Aston Shuffle - Real Hot For Everyone (The Hump Dat Project Mix)
Blaqstarr - Hands Up Thumbs Down (High Powered Boys Remix)
Le Castle Vania + Computer Club - The Messiah
Bill Conti - Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme Song) (DJ Barletta vs. Rocky Remix)
Destroy Disco - Fly Or Bounce (Bart B More Rerub)
Lil Wayne - A Milli (Scottie B I’m Ill Remix)
Diplo & Buraka Som Sistema - Inna De Ghetto (Remix)

Fires of Rome - Set In Stone (Don Rimini Remix)

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Boys Noize - Radio Nova (03-10-2008)

Myspace - Boys Noize

Short (15mins short) set from Boys Noize!

Boys Noize - Radio Nova (03-10-2008)

01 - Feist - My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix)
02 - Boys Noize - Vergiftet
03 - ZZT - The Worm (Original Munich Version)
04 - Steve Rachmad - Bot

Thanks to Mr Anon for the tracklist!

Hostage - November 09 Mixtape

Myspace - Hostage

Alan's latest mix which features tracks from AC Slater, Proxy and Guns n Bombs. I will type up the tracklist in a moment.

New link!
Hostage - November 09 Mixtape

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Zombie Nation - Forza

Myspace - Zombie Nation
Myspace - Fukkk Offf
Myspace - Housemeister

Latest single from Zombie Nation "Forza" which is set to be released on Nov 10th UKW Records. Housemeister & Fukkk Offf are on remix duties!

Some quotes Erol and co...

Erol Alkan: "it´s fuckin big"

David Dewaele/Soulwax: "electronic track of the year"
Isi/Digitalism: "this track is fucking awesome"

Zombie Nation's new album, "Zombielicious" is out March 09.