Saturday, 1 November 2008

Zombie Nation - Forza

Myspace - Zombie Nation
Myspace - Fukkk Offf
Myspace - Housemeister

Latest single from Zombie Nation "Forza" which is set to be released on Nov 10th UKW Records. Housemeister & Fukkk Offf are on remix duties!

Some quotes Erol and co...

Erol Alkan: "it´s fuckin big"

David Dewaele/Soulwax: "electronic track of the year"
Isi/Digitalism: "this track is fucking awesome"

Zombie Nation's new album, "Zombielicious" is out March 09.


electrowh0re said...

this sounds awesome
i have watched this bout 10 times already

mr_regular_joe said...

Fuck yeah, im loving this is weird, but in a good way!