Monday, 3 November 2008

Low Lands 2008 (14-09-2008)













djcantmix said...

ok so i just got back from Los angeles and i've got bad news about hard haunted mansion i went in a costume and couldnt carry a camera but i do got some news--->as me and my friends walked in because there was such a big big fucken line we missed the first 10 minutes of sebastians set but when we finally got in we were able to listen and dance to most of what was left all i got to say about sebastians set is wow he played his old stuff but also played some new stuff i havent heard before. after that we moved on to another sage as we walked in we heard some daft punk and we started to dance but we couldnt see a dj but when my friend told me to look up i saw a figure in the distance above the massive screens it was one of the robots from daft punk at least thats what i thought until yesterday it turns out it was dj am in his costume who knew any way his set was awesome he mainly played daft punk but who dosent love daft punk. ok so we move on to another stage and we hear the last part of simian mobile discos's set which was fucken great i wish i would of heard them sooner it was deep and dark great great set. so they finished and next up was soulwax oh my fucken god it got so crowded but the came out and got everyone to dance i love happy people dancing well mid set i looked at the set times and next up was the dj set i really wanted to see CROOKERS the started kind of slow but oh man the played "love to edit" and it took of from there and here is the best part the threw down that bloody beetroots track that comes out on the 18th of december "corneleous" (i think thats how you spell it) fuck that trak is the shit its really heavy and has a dark overtone awesome awesome. ok so after dancing to crookers for some time i realised that justice was about to start their set so we leave crookers and go outside to another stage to see justice and dont get me wrong i love justice but they started their set oh and by the way it was so fucken crowded it seemed as everybody went to see justice well anyway they started and i was disappointed it was different i saw them in san francisco and that was the best show i've ever been too but at hard it was different and people started to leave and so did we. but alot of people stood back to see all of their set which from what i heard afterwards it got better a lot better. so we go back to crookers and they are playing that track by acdc so we danced but we didnt realize that boys noize had started his set so we rushed to the other stage and listened to it it was one of the best sets that i have heard from him. by this time the last of the djs are about to come out i bealive that the last djs where take in the fact that there was 4 stages on one was them jeans on another stage was busy p on the third stage was deadmau5 and i forgot who was on the other one so by this time im so fucken sore a rolling like crazy that i said i want to listen to someone i had not heard of before and that was deadnau5 and i was blown away, i am a fan now of deadmau5 he damn i cant even explain the reaction people had when he started his set i think out of all the djs that where there deadmau5 set was te best now i'm looking for all of his tracks damn great great dj. ok so sorry again i didnt get any pictures but i know some of the girls we went with had to of taken pictures and video the last thing i heard before i knocked out was a girl saying she was going to put up all the pictures and video from har.. and thats all i heard so if i find those pic and vids i'll post the here. you should of been there!!!

Bastille said...

I'm so jealous

mr_regular_joe said...

Haha, cantmix is rubbing in the salt! Seriously tho, sounded like an awesome night...I still cant believe that was all in one night! Tremendous lineup!

Get those vids and pics rigged up my good man!

Oh, before I forget...what did you go as? Last year I went as Dr Zoidberg :)

djcantmix said...

yeah i'll call my friends and tell them to send me the vids or ask them to put them up it might be towards the end of the week though they are in california and im currently in new mexico ( i go to school here) but yeah i'll have them up. i went as a hot dog without relish ( that was the name of it , why? i dont know) but i nearly dehydrated in that fucken suit right after sebastian which was outdoors we went to see dj am (which i thought was daft punk) and since that stage was indoors the heat rose fast so i took it off and danced in my shorts and digitalism shirt ( i got allot of complement for it by the way).

djcantmix said...

oh one more do you know if this track-->Mstrkrft "Bounce (Bloody Beetroots 90's Remix)... is floating around somewhere?

Bastille said...

Bounce (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) - MSTRKRFT

mr_regular_joe said...

I posted it a while back;

Although Im not sure if this different from the 90's mix you requested. BUT that nice chap Bastille has done it again, the file size is larger than my original it might be a better version.

Cheers again folks!

djcantmix said...

thanx bastille and mr. joe i have that mix already but thanx . the track that i'm talking about appears in the mix that the bloody beetroots did for the xlr8r mag here is the track list and the link to the mix --->(link)<--- just search for it its mid page down . and here is the track list --->1. The Bloody Beetroots feat. Congorock "ROMBO"
2. The Bloody Beetroots feat. C├Ęcile "Have a Mercy on Us (Preview)"
3. Mstrkrft "Bounce (Bloody Beetroots 90's Remix)"
4. The Bloody Beetroots "Yeyo"
5. Cabaret Voltaire "Sensoria (Bloody Beetroots vs. Sirbilly Remix/Bootleg)"
6. The Aston Shuffle "Stomp Yo (Bloody Beetroots Remix)"
7. Mstrkrft "Bounce (Bloody Beetroots Remix)"
8. Cazals "Somebody, Somewhere (Bloody Beetroots Remix)" track number 3 is the one i'm searching for if you guys find it please post the song up or the link it will be greatly appreciated i'll do the same if i find it first. thanx again.