Tuesday, 11 November 2008

They call me Mellow Yellow!

Myspace - Mellow

I've been sitting on these for a while, its just that I have been getting hassled at work recently! They reckon I need to work to justify my wage...fuckingfuckers! So my appologies about the lack of new stuff! Doesnt help Im a lazy stoner bastard with very little spare time!
Anyhoo. If you read the blog, you will no doubt have seen me talking about Mellow...or you might of checked his music out. Well, he was good enough to send over all his tracks to share with the good readers at Ulteriormusic!

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Mellow - Tempogeist (Crusin 39 Remix)
Mellow - Stop The Buzz (HQ)
Mellow - Eat My Tank
Mellow - Boss Fight (HQ)

Mellow - Boomcrack
Mellow - Goodbye Basil
Mellow - When Onions Burst

Mellow - Purple Depths

If you enjoy the music, let us know by posting up in the comments. You can also show your appreciation by voting for him at MixFactor...it will only take 5mins of your time!

You will need register at

Then login


Goto his page:


Then vote! It would be nice to see Mellow get towards the top of the table, as the guy deserves it!


Bastille said...

These tracks are great, when is he gonna get signed?

Mellow said...

lol didn't see this post yet :)

Just a slight justification, the first track (Mellow - Tempogeist...) should actually be: Tempogeist - Cruisin (Mellow's Road Trip Remix)


sorry for that, but I didn't get remixed by crusin 39 ^^