Friday, 28 November 2008

Justice - A Cross The Universe (DVD)

Not quite...its a DVD only (MPEG4 Format). You will need winrar to uncompress it and a media player like VLC to play it. Enjoy :)

'A Cross The Universe' is the first live outing for French electronic duo Gaspard Auge and Xavier de Rosnay otherwise known as Justice. Rocking dancefloors across the world, this DVD documentary and CD captures the duo's ferocious energy - from DJ sets to live shows. The movie was shot during Justice's North America Tour, during twenty days (from March to April 2008."

Part 1 of 8
Part 2 of 8
Part 3 of 8
Part 4 of 8
Part 5 of 8
Part 6 of 8
Part 7 of 8
Part 8 of 8


niqqy said...

saw a clip of phantom 2 on mtv canada. didnt know so many chix liked justice. read in their interview that they were surprised by no of hot girls in montreal show.

met some girls from montreal who loved justice. so guess they weren't lying.

want to thx swooshbeta as a hoster of these files. way , way better than zshare which sucks like a chiapet. mediashare/zippyshare are pretty awesome as well.

Redemptore said...

thax a lot for sharing it man!