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Data Transmission 022 - Don Rimini

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This seems to happen all the time, no new mixes...then they all come at once! Another mixtape from Don Rimini, which is episode 22 for Data Transmission. They also done a quick interview with the man himself...which can be found below!

DTPodcast022: Don Rimini

[Data Transmission]A delightfully friendly chap that creates bass-heavy, electro delights that shake the most cemented of dancefloors, Don Rimini's been buried in musical gadgetry for years - but it was last year that he came to foreground in the UK scene. His track Let Me Back Up was an anthem of every major set and his remix this summer of Young MC's Bust a Move also achieved similar frenzied acclaim, and his Kick n Run EP has predictably also smacked it. He's the bloggers' dream and his DJ sets are a whirlwind of mania-inducing killers that defy you to keep to still.

He’s captured said mania in his Podcast for us, which flits between filthy electro dirt and fidget house grooves with much aplomb. And we all like a bit of aplomb, don’t we?

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

[Don Rimini]My fave is The Kills - Cheap and Cheerful (SebastiAn Remix). I love The Kills, Their album is simply beautiful, and this Sebastian remix is absolutely rad!

[Data Transmission]
What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

[Don Rimini]There are a lot! In this mix, I wanted to show up tracks that I received via MySpace or others. There are frenchies like Meeky or Dakunt, a remix by Brodinski and Yuksek which never been released. Shame isn’t it? And also, there is the non-official remix of my track Rave On which was done by DJ Barretta. The Crookers made me discover it...and my edit of Sussudio! Héhéhé.

[Data Transmission]
What’s the best gig you’ve played recently?

[Don Rimini]There've been so many lately! But if I had to choose, I will say Solidays Festival. 8000 people in open sky, and especially in Paris, my town....SO cool!

Absolutely insane crowd! Some kids improvised a stage diving contest... all my friends with me on stage...crazy man!

[Data Transmission]
What have you got coming up?

[Don Rimini]Yo, my track with Verb – Psssy Mind, is out now, on Gutter Music – Milkcrate Rcords. Aaron Lacrate’s label. Then a remix for Numero#, my Canadian homies. It’s finished, should be released very soon. Check it out!

Also a remix for Kennedy, an American band. Actually, I’ve made 2 very different remixes of it. And a remix for my buddy Sinden Hardcore Girl feat. Rye Rye.
On top of that I’ve made some funny pirate remixes of Ghostbusters theme, Phil Collins...

I’ve also produced a remix for Fires Of Rome an awesome NYC band close to Mark Ronson. And I’m preparing an ambitious mixtape with edits, unreleased tracks....you’ll see...and my next EP. I’m a true workaholic...hehe

Ah, and also a Xmas mix for Playboy magazine US.. .I would never have been so closed to Hef...hahaha...the real Don...

On the DJ side, I’m touring around Europe a lot, and also in the US and in Asia. Check out my MySpace www.myspace.com/donrimini. I love DJing, it’s wicked.
Opportunities are popping out these days, it’s crazy

[Data Transmission]
And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

[Don Rimini]Let me back up! Ah ah ah!

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