Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Proxy - Raven

Myspace - The Proxy
Myspace - Polymorphic

Myspace - Turbo Rec

YESSSSSSS...its finally arrived! Couldnt find the Polymorphics remix until today, so there is a 96K preview for you below! Sound quality is pish...but you get the idea!

The Proxy - Raven (Polymorphic Remix)

Buy "Raven" on vinyl at Juno:

Still cant find a digital release...once I do...the link will be posted here. Meanwhile, this
was taken from the Turbo's myspace:

This is the one. Massive support by Boys Noize, Tiga, Justice, Soulwax, etc.
Erol Alkan gave us his poetic take on the record via iChat:

I heard it in a car
Didnt feel it
Thats a lie
I did feel it
It wasn’t until I saw Xavier play it to 10,000 Tiesto fans
At that festival
That it made sense
It's simple beyond comprehension,
It’s been one of the biggest
Records of the year for many of us
And it will probably
Disappear by December
Only for us to rediscover it again in 2012
And declare it a work of genius.


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