Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Mr Oizo DJ sets...

Myspace - Mr Oizo

There has been some mixed reviews over his DJ sets, but to be honest I haven't yet got round to listening to them. With his album released in Novemeber, him hoping his most recent set (Petrol, Antwerp Sept) will have new material in it!

Mr Oizo @ Petrol, Antwerp, 12 september 2008

Mr Oizo @ WMF Club, Berlin (16/06/2005)

Mr Oizo @ Rote Sonne Club, Munich (25/03/2006)


Anonymous said...

Anymore mixes from Oizo... :D

mr_regular_joe said...

Hmmm...I will have gander and post em up here mate!

HGR said...

I heard King Oizo's mixing skills are poor :(

this best not be true

samari said...

track list by any chance