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Boys Noize Interview

Myspace - Boys Noize
Myspace - Boys Noize Records

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Alex Ridha aka Boys Noize, you know who that is. Releases on Kitsuné, Gigolo, or Turbo, remixes for Feist, Gonzales, Sébastien Tellier or Depeche Mode, and last but not least, his own label, Boys Noize Records. To celebrate the release of the label’s first compilation “BNR Vol. 1″ (BNRCD005), the king of party techno takes you on a tour of his stable, which notably includes Puzique, Shadow Dancer, DIM, Housemeister, Strip Steve, The Faint and Siriusmo.

What’s your background and how did you end up launching your own label?
After playing drums for 4 years I started deejaying when I was about 14 years old, and 2 years later I started to produce. I released my first 12″ in 2003 on DJ Hell’s Gigolo Records followed by my EP on Datapunk.
Having my own label was always a little dream and in 2004 I had so much output that I couldnt release all tracks on different labels, plus releasing music on other labels can take a long time till you see the finished product. So it made sense to set up my own imprint.

What’s goin’ on in Boys Noize’s world right now?
Producing, touring, label work.

What are your forthcoming artists and label releases?
Next to watch out is Shadow Dancer. He is super dope and gets much love from producers I love.
He just finished his first album which we will release in January 09.

How would you describe the Boys Noize sound?
Party Techno

How did you got into music?
I have a brother that’s 10 years older than me, so when I was a little kid back in the middle of the 80’s, I was listening to the records my brother bought and he was into the early house releases as well as disco & rap.I was actually into electronic music without knowing it.

What are you currently listening to besides electronic music?
Anything without beats and of course I try to be as up to date as possible with current pop-rock-hiphop etc.

How is the scene in Berlin at the moment, as far as your sound go?
It’s getting bigger and bigger. We just had a Boys Noize records night and 1700 peole came. That was a new record. It took a long time though…still berlin is dominated by minimal and now deep house :(

If you have to recommend just one club and an artist in Berlin?
Club: Scala or the illegal Boys Noize Records parties :)
Act: Errorsmith and Soundhack

How important is the internet for you and where do you see it going?
Well, obviously the net helped A LOT of us musicians. Before myspace & blogs only DJs knew my records because I released vinyl 12″s only, and today everybody can get access to any music so easy. We have the worst selling situation but the shows are packed. To me that is more important.

What was you best night out and what would be your dream team line up for a party?
After 10 years of djing I had many fabulous nights. :)
A dream line up could be a Boys Noize Records night with all the Boys Noize Records artists.

BNR Class trip to Hamburg

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