Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Foamo Mixtape (October 2008)

Myspace - Foamo

I was going through the website and noticed this post had been put onto draft for some reason! Sorry about that!

Anyhoo...(kinda) brand new mixtape from Foamo...get it downloaded!

Foamo, only 21 years old and producing music at such a high level, he has set the bar high with the tracks so far under his belt! He also gets a highly recommended by Tommy from the Beetroots in a recent interview...check that out here.

EDIT - Thanks to Dan for sorting out a new link! Nice work :)
Foamo Mixtape (October 2008)

If you enjoyed this, there is more of the same thing here and here!


Dan said...

Can't wait to hear this, I hope its on par with the j2 mix. But Zshare is messed up, which it has been on and off all week. Please consider using rapidshare, mediafire, yousendit or one of the other alternatives for a bit. I can't download this mix right now!!!!!!!!

Tim said...

Link doesnt work

mr_regular_joe said...

Hmmm...think your right Dan...seems zshare aint working for a lot of people...just going round in a loop.

Leave it with me and I will try get a new one sorted.

Dan said...

Found you guys a link for all that couldn't get this mix.

Demon said...

THX mate, this mix burns!

mr_regular_joe said...

Good man, thanks for getting a new link Dan! Updated the original post!


Anonymous said...

great mix