Thursday, 2 October 2008

Boys Noize - Current Top Ten

Myspace - Boys Noize

Somebody over at the EA forums recently done an interview with Mr Noize for a german mag (when its published, you can check it out here

Some highlights, thought you lot might be intrested in...
thanks to "Wonk! There it is" for posting it!

-The 5 tracks he has played the most:

Westbam“Right On“(Beat LOOP),
Thomas Bangalter“Spinal Scratch und Spinal Beats“,
Eurythmics“Sweet Dreams“,

-Current Top 10:

1.Shadow Dancer“Soap“-bnr
2. Mixhell“Highly Explicit“(Brodinski Remix)-bnr
3. Mr. Oizo“Positif“-ed banger
4. MMM“Nous Sommes“-mmm
5. Zombie Nation“??“(Housemeister Remix)-ukw
6. CLP“Ready Or Not“(Diplo Remix)-bnr
7. Djedjotronic feat. Spoek“Dirty & Hard“-bnr
8. Jan Driver“Wet Alert“-grand petrol
9. Soundhack“Live goes on“-sounstream
10.Gene Farris“Disco Heaven“(Ian Pooley mix 2)-force inc

Plus some other news...

-Shine Shine (Soulwax Remix) was just a rumour (he did add a ;-) though)

-Shadowdancer's album is done, to be released in January 09

-Soap to be released in November

-Smith & Hack rejected when they were asked to contribute a remix to Oi Oi Oi Remixed. They have also rejected Justice before

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