Monday, 11 August 2008

Soulwax - Part of The Weekend Never Dies

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I know I know...I keep on talking about it. BUT...hands up who has their copy on pre-order? Well, if you have an can buy it before its onsale in the shops! Uncle Bill must of paid to get this as a timed exlusive, which is still pretty decent! Plus, if you are a videophile...its in HD...rather than plain old regular DVD;

This is a real must-see for music fans and absolutely defines Soulwax as one of the greatest live acts in the world. And guess what – you can be one of the first to experience this ahead of launch on DVD this September.

From 18 August “Part of the Weekend Never Dies” will be available for download exclusively from Xbox LIVE Video Store. What’s more, even better than the DVD, it will also be possible to watch all the onstage fun and backstage chaos in high definition.

I know a few lucky lucky people have watched it already...Im looking forward to seeing it when its released on DVD...I will be waiting like the rest of the plebs as I dont have 360 :(

For the people who missed them first time round, or just to remind you how freaking awesome its gonna is the trailer and some clips. Thanks to for videos and pic, check it out for all things Soulwax.

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I need to get this