Monday, 18 August 2008

Mustard Pimp

Myspace - Mustard Pimp

I got sent over some remixes, which had to be posted up. Yet another double team from Paris, consisting of Mustard P. who is Executive Producer and DJ Mustard Pimp (or DJ M Pimp) who DJs and produces. Nice. Now thats sorted, get the tracks downloaded and let myself or the guys know what you think!

They also remixed "Washout" by non-other then fellow Frenchmen...Stereoheroes. Check out their myspace player for a listen. While I was doing a bit of the old myspace stalking, I noticed DJ M Pimp has a nice 2 hour set up for download, which you can grab below...should keep you busy for a while!

DJ Mustard Pimp -Donkey,Wonky,Fishy Part 1
01 - Butter Party - Wriggle (ZCs Twisted as Hell Mix)
02 - Hijack - Possessed
03 - Marco G - No Requests feat Troy Carter (Stupid Fresh Remix)
04 - Hostage - Roll On (Malente Remix)
05 - Hostage - Snakecharmer
06 - Andy george - big dipper (hijack remix)
07 - Hostage - Rave Rave Rave
08 - Futuristic fly - futuristic fly (Bryan Cox remix)
09 - Bryan Cox - let's go to work
10 - TJR-sonic chronic
11 - Byran Cox - Where You At (Gaetan Remix)
12 - Foamo - Moving It Over Here

DJ Mustard Pimp -Donkey,Wonky,Fishy Part 2

01 - Pette Vaydex - Snappy Lines
02 - Electro F-Superstar Break (Twockers Funk This Remix)
03 - OH Snap - Bill Cosby sweater (Hostage remix)
04 - Bryan Cox - Where you at
05 - Bryan Cox ft. Snoopy - Get Nasty(Original Mix)
06 - Estaw - Break It Down (Herve's Spitfire Remix)
07 - JELO - Awesomesauce (Twockers GTi Mix)
08 - Stereoheroes - Moon Knight
09 - Human Resource - Dominator (Hostage Ravemix)
10 - Poxymusic - War Paint feat. Gina Mitchell (Speaker Junk Remix)
11 - Primary 1 - Hold Me Down (FOAMO Remix)
12 - Stereoheroes - Washout

And finally, check out their remix Mr Oizo's Flat Beat
...complete with a bizzare video...nice work guys!


mr_regular_joe said...

Haha, that video is mental

Anonymous said...

Nooooo, why is the vid of the unofficial remix of flat beat removed :(

This was a sick remix!

Someone have it & can mail it or let me know where I can get it??!



Would be very cool B)!