Sunday, 11 January 2009

Zombie Nation - Zombielicious

Myspace - Zombie Nation

Zombie Nations "Forza" is easily one of my fav tracks of 2008, so I'm looking forward to his album...the aptly named Zombielicious getting released 9th of March.

Cannot. Fucking. Wait.

Tracklisting CD
01. Mas De Todo
02. Get It
03. Supercake 53
04. Radio Controlled
05. The Fact
06. Worth It Pt 1'
07. Worth It Pt 2
08. Mystery Meat Affair
09. Shottieville
10. Filterjerks
11. Seas Of Grease
12. Stand By
13. Forza
14. Bass Kaput

Tracklisting Vinyl
01. A1 Mas De Todo
02. A2 Get It
03. B1 Radio Controlled
04. B2 The Fact
05. C1 Mystery Meat Affair
06. C2 Shottieville
07. D1 Seas Of Grease
08. D2 Bass Kaput

Forza (October 2008)
Worth It (March 2009)

The only other nugget I could dig up was a video of Tiga playing the upcoming single, "Worth It" at SoulwaXmas (Dec 20th 2008). Even on shitty youtube sounds fucking massive!

Thanks to Jeroener's camera work, we have another longer video of Thomas von Party playing "Worth It" at Studio80. Nice one :)

Other info:
Check out the Forza video here


Jeroener said...

That's my shitty youtube-cam. And it was more than massive in reallife :-)
Here's the full version played by Tiga's brother Thomas:

mr_regular_joe said...

Nice work man, your vids are the only place I have heard the top marks!

Also, thanks for posting the new one :)