Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Les Transardentes, Liège - Belgium (24-01-2009)

Don Rimini - live @ Les Transardentes, Liège - Belgium (24-01-2009)
Don Rimini is quite simply one of the most exciting French DJ-producers of the moment, discovered in 2006 thanks to the Inrocks competition CQFD. His third ep, the incredible Kick'n'Run, which contains three dancefloor pearls: Nervous Breakdown, Rave On and Hools, is overwhelmingly popular with any DJ that matters. Today, not one electro blog fails to mention Don Rimini, from the States to Australia.
Genuine decks activist for many years, Don Rimini churns out hip-hop, pop, rock and techno to come out on top of his turntables today. He can make the fluorescent kids dance with constant class and nothing escapes him: trained on vinyl culture, he has now become an MP3 tracker and every month delivers a new mix, highly anticipated by his fans.

Birdy Nam Nam - live @ Les Transardentes, Liège - Belgium (24-01-2009)
Birdy Nam Nam are four turntable aces who have scooped up all the international scratch competitions. In 2002, Little Mike, Dj Pone, Dj Need and Crazy B got together for a final competition, the DMC World Championship in London. Since then, together they have pursued their common ambition, to free themselves from technique and hip-hop cliches and inspire a good dose of boldness and musicality in the refined art of turntablism. With their impressive live performances, they attract an eclectic audience. Their new single "Trans Boulogne Express" from their album in progress, is the perfect example. This new track marks an upward change in direction for Birdy Nam Nam. They are moving more away from hip hop raps in order to invest in electro and set off an irresistible bomb on the dancefloor, boosted by their very particular sampling science, capable of bringing any clubber to his knees. A new facet for this quartet which appears to be just as controlled.

Late of the Pier - live @ Les Transardentes, Liège - Belgium (24-01-2009)
Late Of The Pier decided to form their group on the dancefloor of Liars Club, a Nottingham hotspot where the best electro DJs play between gigs by Bloc Party, Franz Ferdinand, Cut Copy and Art Brut. The result: a band that's a perfect blend of the new English rock and dance scenes.
Their first gigs won them positive public reaction and the British press proclaimed them natural succesors to The Klaxons. Erol Alkan, present at the last Transardentes and seeing talent under his nose, produced their second single "Bathroom Gurlge", just before the release, at the height of the buzz of their first album "Fantasy Black Channel". Make no mistake, Late Of The Pier is THE group to catch live on stage at the Transardentes.

Yuksek - live @ Les Transardentes, Liège - Belgium (24-01-2009)
Yuksek, figurehead of the new wave of French Electro, will be at the TransArdentes to deliver one of the volcanic live performances on which his young reputation is built. Originating from Reims, Yuksek proves it's not just the champagne that sparkles in that part of France. After many years' study of Conservatory music theory, as well as several world tours DJ-ing, he's today developed a unique sound, which is both dancefloor-fresh yet a mix of hip-hop, italo, house and techno influences. It's down to this that he found himself on the playlists of Andrew Weatherall, Freeform Five and Laurent Garnier. While his first album is in production, Yuksek, live onstage, alone with his machines and microphone, will revisit his roots with an old-school sound, full of killer beats and climbing acid riffs.

Cosy Mozzy & Jean Montevideo - live @ Les Transardentes, Liège - Belgium (24-01-2009)
It all began when Cosy Mozzy, famous Dirty Dancing DJ, asked his friend, talented producer Compuphonic to remix Montevideo, one of his favourite Belgian groups. The result : an explosive remix of the single "Sluggish Lovers" and immediate success over the airwaves and on the country's dancefloors. The idea logically followed to have a DJ-deck face-off between the two artists, with the desire to merge the singer's electro vision with that of the DJ. A first "versus" reunited them and they realised that something spontaneous, new and instinctive was emerging during their set. The electro rocker selection blurred with the rock n'roll of the DJ, electrifying both the set and the audience. A perfect floor-shaker for the Transardentes' Sphere Room.


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Angel was there: Pure dope. The best was SebastiAn. Could you please find the set? Thanks mate.

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This is not Don Rimini set.

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