Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Hidden Cat - Superfuture

Myspace - Hidden Cat

If you read the blog, Im sure you will remember Hidden Cat's edit "A Fifth of Beethoven" which was based on the Soulwax version. Flooding back? No? Well it sounds fucking brilliant and if you aint got it yet you can download it here:

A Fifth of Beethoven (Hidden Cat's "Based on the Soulwwax" Edit)

His latest track "Superfuture" is another peak time number which...like he says needs to be turned up loud!

Hidden Cat - Superfuture
*Full 320kbps! Niiiiice!

If you enjoy his stuff, which im sure you will...let him know either here on his myspace!


Willy said...

Hey I took that picture of hiddencat.

mr_regular_joe said...

Ha, nice camera work dude ;)