Thursday, 18 December 2008

Fake Blood Annie Mac 5 Min Minimix (Dec 08)

Fake Blood Annie Mac 5 Min Minimix (Dec 08)
Silver Apples 'Seagreen Serenade'
(Dialogue from the film "Tron")
DJ Prince Ice- 'Freestyle'
RD Burman- 'Aa Dekhen Jara'
Jeff Wayne- 'The Eve Of The War'
Jonzun Crew- 'Space Is The Place'
Dusty Kid- 'The Riot'
Goblin- 'Suspiria'
Bumps- 'Biotic Discussion'
Portishead- 'Silence'
Snax feat. Jamie Lidell- 'The Honeymoon's Over'
Golden Orchestra And Chorus- 'Hydrogen And Helium'
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown- 'Fire'
KC Flightt- 'Planet E'
Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy- 'Puck'
Bat For Lashes- 'Horse And I'
Gaz- 'Sing Sing'
Big 200 "Approach And Pass With Contact"
Pharrell- 'Frontin'
Micronauts- 'High Rise'
Michel Rubini- 'Graham's Theme'
Boy 8-Bit- 'Manhunter'
Vitalic- 'Valetta Fanfares'
Paul Johnson- 'Get Down'
Bad Brains- 'Don't Need It'
The Flying Lizards- 'Money'
Human Bite Box- 'Avalon'
The Monks- 'We Do Wie Du'
Sticky "Triplets"
Liam Lynch- 'United States Of Whatever'
Sly And The Family Stone- 'Dance To The Music'
Scenario Rock- 'Skitzo Dancer'
Busta Rhymes- 'Gimme Some More'
Chemical Brothers- 'Problem / Question'
Lyn Collins- 'Think'
Par-T-One- 'I'm So Crazy'
Jonathan Newton- 'Nancy Tries To Leave'
(Dialogue from the film "Tron")

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