Wednesday, 21 May 2008


Very Nice Dave (VND) and Legendary Skid Murphy (LSM) are the two guys from Canada that make up the duo VNDLSM. From what i can gather, they were playing local gigs in and about their home town until one of their remixes (Rihanna's - it at the bottom of the post) got some airplay and it catapulated them to the main stage - making them the headliners in big parties all over North America.

I have included VNDLSM's two mixtapes, "VND Vs LSM" and "Goods & Services". If I'm being honest, there are two tracks that I personally don’t like (Mix 1=Outhere Bros, Mix 2=Soulja Boy). I seriously don’t like those tracks, or, maybe I’m being too fussy...

Best remixers 2007 - VNDLSM
It took Diplo's inclusion of his bootleg remix of Rihanna's Umbrella on the Pitchfork DJ mix to bring him to most of T.O.'s attention, and that's brought the ears of the rest of the world as well. Blog-house that could easily end up rocking the big rooms. (Now Toronto Mag)
Link to the article


Rihanna - Umbrella (VNDLSM)

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