Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Daft Punk

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Yes, those robots are super awesome and I would go as far as saying that their Alive tour show was by far the best live performance I have ever seen! If you didnt mange to catch it, I will post up a link to the DVD-Video that a guy called BoldCaptain from the Coachella forum created. Well done that man! Its madeup of fan footage, taken from various different video sources and synced up with a high quality audio rip of the set (which is totally perfect...also have a flac audio rip which will get uploaded at some point)...he really has done a fantastic job.

Anyhoo...some stuff to keep you going until that lot gets uploaded:

Daft Punk - Alive 2007 (Japan Edition)

Daft Punk - Louis Vuitton, Paris Spring / Summer 2008 Show

Daft Punk - Live At Mexico City (31-10-2007)

Daft Punk - D.A.F.T (The Story About Dogs, Aliens, Firemen And Toamtoes)
00. Intro Daftendirekt
01. Da Funk(Video Clip Dialog)
02. Da Funk (Van Helden Remix)
03. Around The World
04. Around The World (Master And Work Remix)
05. Burnin'
06. Burnin' (Ian Pooley Remix)
07. Revolution 909
08. Revolution 909 (Roger Sanchez Remix)
09. Fresh (Video Clips Dialog)
10. Fresh (Single Version)
11. Credits
12. (Bonust Track) Rollin' & Scratchin' (Live In L.A.)

Daft Punk - Europe 2 Radio (22-02-02)

Daft Punk - Crobar, Miami (13-03-1999)

Daft Punk - Live Nuit Des DJ's - Fun Radio (14-12-1997)

Daft Punk - Essential Mix - Live At Bunker (02-03-1997)

Thomas Bangalter - Live @ Weekendence 2002

Daft Punk vs VanShe & Dangerous Dan - Around The World Again

Please note, some of these files are "rar'd" (compressed) using a program called Winrar...you can get it here if you dont have it yet already! It will come in handy!

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The Bangalter set was just a .txt file